• 30 Jul 2015

    RealMatch Partners with eQuest to Join Its Delivery Network
    NEW YORK, July 30, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RealMatch, Inc., the leading technology company specializing in performance-based recruitment advertising solutions, today announced that its advertising recruitment network, TheJobNetwork™, has been added to eQuest's Delivery Network, a group of core job boards and specialized career sites with no delivery fee. 

    TheJobNetwork offers employers a more efficient way to source great talent fast by automatically campaigning job postings across 1000's of hyper-local, niche, and job aggregator sites to produce superior ad performance. TheJobNetwork works programmatically to deliver more qualified applicants in less time by automatically targeting relevant sites, while monitoring and optimizing distribution campaigns to increase ad performance and conversions. 

    "This integration with eQuest is a testament to the power of technology in the online recruiting space. RealMatch's mission is to deliver a better alternative for employers to source talent faster and easier, all within their existing technology. This relationship does just that, and I'm proud to be collaborating with eQuest in this way," said Jonathan Bulkeley, CEO, RealMatch, Inc.  

    "We believe the addition of TheJobNetwork within eQuest's distribution network will deliver significant recruitment performance benefits to eQuest customers," said Bart Bartolozzi, Director of RealMatch Product Marketing. "The competition for talent acquisition has never been higher, and TheJobNetwork provides the best solution to source top recruits. It is an ideal option for employers who want to reduce their time-to-hire, cost per applicant and increase qualified candidate flow." 

    RealMatch, Inc., is the leading technology company specializing in performance-based recruitment advertising solutions for digital publishers. RealMatch's programmatic job matching technology delivers the right talent automatically through their vast recruitment ad network called TheJobNetwork™.  
  • 23 Jul 2015

    Playbuzz Launches New 'Flip Cards' Format, Increasing Average On-Site Viewing Time Up To 800%

    Empowering publishers and brands with interactive content formats optimized for maximum engagement and shareability, Playbuzz predicts the next viral content format with the launch of ‘Flip Cards'

    New York, NY (PRWEB) July 23, 2015
    Playbuzz, the world's leading platform for online content engagement formats and social distribution, today announced the launch of a new content format – Flip Cards. Following a closed beta period in which the format was successfully tested by publishers Distractify, The Independent, Bild, Endemol Beyond USA and Terra Portal, the Flip Cards format is now available on Playbuzz.com for all publishers and content creators.

    "Meaningful engagement experiences are the foundation of online growth," said Tom Pachys, Co-Founder and CTO of Playbuzz. "The expectations of quality content remain unchanged, but what is changing in the new media landscape is the way publishers need to package their content. Playbuzz has amassed a monthly audience of over 100 million unique users across our network by enabling publishers and authors to use a variety of highly engaging, social-optimized, mobile-friendly content formats. As we continue collaborating with major publishers, we have many more new formats in the pipeline – several of which are in response to specific requests from our prominent media partners."

    Early results have shown engagement levels spiking as much as 800% among users interacting with webpages that include Flip Card items, as compared with the average time spent on content pages across the web, according to a report from Chartbeat.

    Today, over 40,000 different websites utilize Playbuzz's popular formats – quizzes, listicles, ranked lists, and more, which have also seen similarly high engagement numbers – to easily create and embed content optimized for meaningful engagement. Flip Cards is a worthy addition to Playbuzz's suite of playful content formats, giving publishers, brands and marketers the ability to work with the innovative, interactive format and embed Flip Cards in their websites, apps and social channels.

    "We're always excited to get a sneak peek at one of Playbuzz's news formats," said Jason Mustian, Chief Executive Officer of Distractify. "As publishers, our #1 goal is to seek out more versatile and creative ways to engage our audience and from our first Flip Card post we got over 25,000 social engagements in less than 24 hours. Forgive the terrible dad pun, but having access to that sort of functionality really ‘turns' the page for us."

    Flip Cards compel users to click on an image to reveal what lies on the other side. The Flip Card is an alluring way to discover information, marrying the depth of articles with the interactive, revelatory nature of quizzes. The format is the latest Playbuzz offering and was cultivated in order to empower publishers and brands to package content that is optimized for deep engagement and reaching global audiences in the new media era.

    With a community of thousands of industry-leading publishers and brands already using Playbuzz's content formats, Playbuzz continues to develop new content formats that stay ahead of viral trends. As research suggests that emotions of anticipation and surprise are those which propel the highest levels of engagement on social media, Flip Cards were designed to enable publishers to leverage users' innate sense of curiosity and drive them to directly engage with content.

    The Flip Card format has been developed to address the growing demand among publishers seeking to drive more engagement with site visitors on article pages, bridging the gap between conventional static content and a more interactive, emotional experience. As such, Flip Cards have been specifically designed to be easily embeddable within article pages, enabling publishers to add an interactive element within website and app pages, yielding increased onsite engagement and deeper audience investment – all while enhancing the content. Playbuzz's business intelligence team reports that Flip Cards' early success is apparent, with one item alone receiving 9.8 million flip clicks, an 84% completion rate, and engagement time reaching up to 4 minutes.

    About Playbuzz
    Playbuzz is a free online content platform that enables publishers, marketers, bloggers and brands to create, distribute and embed quizzes, polls, lists and other playful formats for engaging content on any website, social page or mobile app. The world's leading publishers use the Playbuzz platform to engage users, increase web traffic, boost their reach, and optimize content for maximum social interaction and shares. Launched in 2013 to address the needs of a rapidly changing content media industry, Playbuzz quickly rose to become the number one shared publisher on Facebook according to the NewsWhip index. With a network of partner publishers and creators over 40,000 strong and item share rates averaging nearly 11%, Playbuzz-powered content has reached nearly one billion unique audience members since the launch of the platform.

  • 16 Jul 2015

    India.com strikes multi-year partnership with content discovery platform Outbrain

    India.com Strikes Multi-Year Partnership With Outbrain

    India.com to deploy Outbrain’s guided personalisation platform across all its digital properties including Zeenews.com, dnaindia.com, Bollywoodlife.com – delivering personalised content recommendations and real-time decision-making tools and analysis to support editorial teams

    Mumbai July 16, 2015-India.com, India’s third largest online publisher andOutbrain, the world’s largest content discovery platform, today announced the details of a multi-year strategic partnership.  The deal will empower the media company and its properties – including Zeenews.com, dnaindia.com, Bollywoodlife.com, Cricketcountry.com, OnCars.in, Prepsure.com, BGR.in, Careerfundas.com, TheHealthSite.com, Travel.india.com and Video.india.com – to fully leverage the Outbrain guided personalisation platform.

    The platform will empower India.com to manage their own content recommendations maximizing the monetisation of their audience to other content publishers, driving increased audience engagement, and providing key insights and analytics about their core digital users.

    India.com has also confirmed their plans to implement Outbrain’s recently launched product, Native In-Feed. The product, announced last month, allows publishers including India.com for the first time to use the Outbrain platform to serve native, in-stream advertising. Through Native In-Feed, Outbrain partners will now be able to sell their own campaigns and use Outbrain’s UI and tools to seamlessly deliver these campaigns to their audiences.

    Sandeep Amar, Chief Operating Officer at India.com said: “We are really happy to partner with Outbrain, and use their technology and products to makes sure our users and advertisers get benefits from it. We are confident they will deliver the highest quality recommendations and best monetisation options for India.com. We look forward to bringing the Outbrain solutions to our advertising partners in India.”

    Gulshan Verma, General Manager SEA & India at Outbrain, commented on the announcement: “Over the last few months, we’ve increasingly observed publishers integrating their services into their sales platforms, allowing for more native placements. Previously, most of the Outbrain content was contained in a widget at the bottom of the page but, by working with the publisher’s direct sales teams, we have now started serving content in premium locations like the right rails, homepages, mobile pages, thus providing better customer experience for the reader and monetisation opportunities for publishers in India.”

    Outbrain has spent the past 3 years on the ground in Asia building the largest network of premium sites for content discovery. India continues to be one of the company’s fastest growing markets


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