• 02 Aug 2016

    Rio 2016: LiveU Set to Power 15,000+ Live-Video Sessions at Summer Games

    LiveU is providing over 80 international broadcasters with equipment to cover the Summer Olympics in Rio. The company is expecting approximately 15,000+ live video sessions to take place during the Olympics using its technology. LiveU is a live streaming solution for global news and sports broadcasters and online content creators, as the technology provides a high-quality stream, functions in challenging environments, and offers a wide array of bandwidth options across multiple venues presented by the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

    “LiveU continues to transform the way live video is transmitted and broadcasted for large-scale events of any kind, but sports coverage is in our DNA,” says LiveU COO, Avi Cohen. “Our first key deployment was at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and since then the use of our solutions has surged at major sporting events including the FIFA World Cup and the NFL Super Bowl. Our product line constantly evolves to meet the needs of our broadcast and online customers looking to capture high-quality action-packed sports and behind-the-scenes live coverage.”

    LiveU’s entire portfolio of uplink solutions will be deployed to cover the Olympics, including LiveU backpack and camera-mount IP-bonding devices like the LU500, lightweight LU200, and LiveU Solo live streaming bonding solution; LU-Smart mobile application and the signal boosting Xtender external antenna; and LiveU cloud-based MultiPoint distribution service will enable customers to simultaneously share live feeds with up to 100 concurrent destinations worldwide.

  • 28 Jul 2016

    Seebo Virtualizes the "Things" of the "Internet of Things" to Accelerate the Transformation to the Connected World

    SAN FRANCISCO, July 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Seebo, a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, dedicated to helping companies plan, develop and integrate smart and connected products across a variety of industries, has announced today the launch of its new virtualized hardware environment, the "Simulator" as part of its new IoT Creator – empowering manufacturers and developers to reduce cost per unit and accelerate the introduction of smart products to the market.

    The IoT environment is rigid, firm and complicated involving sensors and hardware components. Seebo eliminates this complexity, transforming the new physical parts introduced by the "Internet of Things" into virtual and simple to work with through cutting edge hardware virtualization technology. The virtualized environment eliminates the need to code against actual hardware and brings product and developer teams into the IoT fold empowering them to build smart products quickly and easily while reducing costs. As a result, developers can build smart applications that can operate hardware, without acquiring new skills or tools.

    "The IoT revolution is taking place right now, and many manufacturers are struggling to remain relevant in today's smart and connected world," said Lior Akavia, CEO of Seebo. "Building IoT products can be complicated, expensive and risky. It is a comprehensive task to coordinate the world of hardware, sensors, software, firmware, PCBA factories, mobile apps, cloud and security – while integrating them into a smart, connected product. Seebo bridges that gap for manufacturers by providing the resources, skills and tools to easily and seamlessly incorporate IoT technology thus helping them to create or revitalize products and manufacturing processes for our connected world."

    Seebo's IoT Creator allows manufacturers to ideate and explore smart features in the virtualized environment – giving them the ability to acquaint themselves with a variety of hardware components and their costs. Seebo's IoT Creator has a unique proprietary algorithm that matches the right hardware combinations based on product concept, design and other technical specifications. The platform automatically configures the SDKs, Simulator, IoT dev kit, and testing application, allowing long, labor intensive and complex IoT planning and development tasks to become short, easy and flexible.

    "There are thousands of developers who are struggling with IoT applications development given the complexity of sensor related coding," says Jeremy Padawar, Co-President/Partner, Wicked Cool Toys. "Seebo has solved this complexity through its simulator, which provided our developers an incredibly agile one-stop shop environment. While producing our smart device with Seebo we experienced dramatic utility in both the speed to market, and the integrated iterative approach of design, development and testing."

  • 21 Jul 2016

    Redis Labs raises $14M for its in-memory NoSQL database services

    Redis Labs, the company behind the open source Redis data structure store, today announced that it has raised a $14 million Series C round led by Bain Capital Ventures andCarmel Ventures. The company’s existing investors, including Silicon Valley Bank and Tamar Ventures managing partner Zohar Gilon, also participated in this round.

    With this round, which follows the company’s $15 million Series B round, Redis Labs has now raised a total of $42 million.

    The company says it plans to use the new funding to expand its sales and marketing efforts as it tries to get an even stronger foothold in the enterprise.

    The company, which was founded in 2011, also today announced that it has won 600 new enterprises customers in the first half of this year. Its customers now span a range of verticals and include the likes of Groupon, TD Bank, Verizon, HipChat, DBS, Ring Central, Menards, Twitch and flydubai.

    Redis is well positioned to capitalize on the growing market for in-memory data stores (and it now also offers Redis on Flash, too, which allows for running Redis on SSDs instead of the more expensive RAM). As more enterprises look at IoT use cases and how they can make the best use of real-time analytics, having access to a fast data store is obviously becoming more important, too.

    “Now more than ever, enterprises need solutions that can quickly process large sets of data,” said Ofer Bengal, CEO and co-founder, Redis Labs, in today’s announcement. “We founded Redis Labs with the mission of extending the power of Redis to enterprises who needed to simplify how they manage big and complex data. With more enterprises and developers recognizing the value of Redis, this Series C investment enables Redis Labs to further innovate and deliver high-performance Redis solutions.”

    Like other open source-based enterprise companies, Redis makes the core database technologies available for free. On top of that, though, it also offers a number of services, included the fully managed Redis Cloud service and support for its Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster, among other offerings.

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