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  • 17 Dec 2014

    eXelate Reaches Technology Milestone With 15 Trillionth Unique Audience Segment Created

    Now Processing 23 Million Signals a Minute in Real-Time, eXelate Provides Marketers With the Industry's Most Scalable Data Management Technology Infrastructure

     eXelate, the leading independent data platform, today announced the achievement of a major milestone, having created the 15 trillionth audience segment for the digital marketing ecosystem since its 2008 U.S. launch. Audience segments are a collection of signals which may include demographics, purchase history, web browsing activity or a variety of other behaviors, collected from online (mobile / desktop /video) and offline sources, which are packaged and delivered to affect more targeted advertising. In the past year, eXelate's business has more than tripled; as a result, eXelate now processes 23 million signals each minute, or 375,000 each second.

    eXelate's momentum comes at a time when marketers are looking to evolve their capabilities to connect with customers in an increasingly complex, cross screen, on and offline buying journey.

    "The demand for our enterprise grade data, data management and measurement solutions extends across many types of customers as volume, speed and scale of processing data have emerged as key competitive advantages for driving real sales results," said Mark Zagorski, CEO of eXelate. "No one is connecting more data of more of the players in the marketing, ad tech and agency worlds than eXelate."

    eXelate's massively scaled infrastructure processes consumer attributes and behaviors into audience segments across 5 billion monthly unique devices and their users by working directly with leading brands, hundreds of publishers and offline data sources to analyze, score and package audience data. In parallel, more than 125 marketing platforms choose to synchronize their own user data with eXelate, which continuously updates 3.4 trillion segments per month, 78 million per segment, providing these marketing platforms with the freshest real time audience data.

    eXelate is at the core of servicing the digital marketing landscape, including brands, agencies, trading desks, publishers, digital media companies and marketing technology platforms. It puts the power of our advanced data infrastructure, once exclusively reserved for select industry giants, directly into the hands of the marketer.

    For more information, visit: http://exelate.com.

    About eXelate

    eXelate, the leading independent data platform, empowers marketers with better insights and massive reach to more effectively engage consumers. Through eXelate's maX DMP (data management platform), fueled by eXelate's eXchange, first-party data can be managed, modeled, mobilized and measured across video, mobile and display channels. eXelate's eXchange, the largest pool of directly measured consumer data, reaches two billion active users and devices worldwide and includes key purchasing touch points -- online and offline -- from Nielsen, MasterCard Advisors, IXI and many more. As a member of the NAI, IAB, trustE, Council for Accountable Advertising and Evidon's Open Data Partnership, eXelate adheres to privacy compliant advertising practices. For more information, please visit www.eXelate.com or follow @eXelate.

  • 17 Dec 2014

    Testbirds Joins Forces with Perfecto Mobile to Address Increasing Demand for Mobile Testing Solutions

    BOSTON & MUNICH--()--Testbirds, the leading crowdtesting pioneer in Europe, and Perfecto Mobile, the world’s leader in mobile application quality, today announced a partnership that combines their extensive testing expertise to further increase mobile application quality.

    “With millions of apps available for download and thousands of different mobile devices on the market, testing mobile applications has become a challenging and time-consuming task. Almost half of application defects are found by end users, and some 58 percent of those defects are reported as user interface issues,” said Roi Carmel, Senior Vice President of Product and Strategy at Perfecto Mobile. “Incorporating quality throughout the mobile app lifecycle has never been more crucial than it is today in creating a successful end user experience. We plan on working closely with Testbirds in order to bring together the power of crowdtesting and Perfecto Mobile’s Continuous Quality Lab to push the mobile application quality industry to the next level.”

    Both companies specialize in mobile testing solutions for enterprises to test and optimize their applications. Perfecto Mobile offers the Continuous Quality Lab, their on-demand, cloud-based offering that enables the testing (automated and manual functional testing, monitoring and performance) of mobile apps under any real-world end-user condition throughout all stages of the software development lifecycle. Testbirds provides a crowd of professional testers as well as consumers, who test the applications’ usability and functionality under real-life circumstances. The crowd can be accessed via self-service or through a managed testing approach, including professional project managers who ensure quality and evaluate test results.

    “We encourage enterprises to utilize different testing techniques throughout the entire development cycle,” says Philipp Benkler, Co-founder and Managing Director at Testbirds. “There are many challenges for companies in setting up a holistic mobile testing approach. We want to share our combined expertise and showcase how to gain the best results at different stages of development.”

    For more information on how to integrate functional testing, performance testing and monitoring with crowdtesting, read the following white paper: Bridging the Essential Gap between Continuous Quality and Crowd Based Testing.

    About Perfecto Mobile

    Perfecto Mobile, the world’s leader in mobile app quality, provides a hybrid cloud-based Continuous Quality Lab that enables mobile app development and testing teams to deliver better apps faster. The Continuous Quality Lab supports testing processes earlier and more often in the development cycle, giving way to faster feedback and improved time to market. Users can access an exhaustive selection of real mobile devices connected to live networks around the world and leverage them for testing and monitoring throughout the mobile application development lifecycle – from development, functional and performance testing to monitoring and support.

    More than 1,500 customers, including 50% of the Fortune 500 across the banking, insurance, retail, telecommunications and media industries rely on Perfecto Mobile to deliver optimal mobile app functionality and end user experiences, ensuring their brand’s reputation, establishing loyal customers, and continually attracting new users. For more information about Perfecto Mobile, visit perfectomobile.com or follow us on Twitter at @PerfectoMobile.

    About Testbirds GmbH

    Testbirds is a crowdtesting service provider headquartered in Munich, with offices in the UK, the Netherlands and Hungary. The company specializes in the testing of mobile apps, websites and other software for the entire device landscape (mobile, desktop, smart TV, wearables etc.) on all major operating systems.

    Testbirds uses crowdtesting to facilitate software testing in today’s fast-growing world of technology. They hold a worldwide network of testers (crowd) consisting of experts as well as consumers to test software under real world conditions. The crowd finds bugs and gives critical usability feedback, ensuring the highest-possible user experience before launch.

    Extensive device ecosystems as well as increased user expectations challenge conventional testing methods. Testbirds offers in-depth and cost-effective quality assurance for web applications and mobiles apps through the crowd on any device, with any target group, at any time. Today, crowdtesting is fast becoming a necessary tool for developers to help improve functionality and overall usability of any application.

    Testbirds was founded in 2011 and supported by different institutions and partners. In 2012, the company received a seven-figure seed funding by Walter Beteiligungen und Immobilien AG. 

  • 10 Dec 2014

    Spireon and Red Bend Collaborate on Over-the-Air Updating Service for Telematics

    Spireon chooses Red Bend Software to bring end-to-end software management to its M2M NSpire Intelligence Platform

    Red Bend Software, the market leader in Mobile Software Management (MSM) with more than 2 billion Red Bend-Enabled™ devices, announced that Spireon, the leading innovator of Mobile Resource Management (MRM) and Business Intelligence Solutions that connect companies to their mobile assets and workforces, has selected Red Bend’s over-the-air (OTA) Software Updating Service to update devices across its NSpire M2M Telematics Platform. This cloud-based platform transmits over five billion data points each year into actionable intelligence for Spireon’s 1.9 million subscribers.

    “Red Bend is known in the mobile, IoT and the automotive industries as the leading provider of an OTA update solution that is secure, reliable and cost-efficient.” said Jim Brady, Chief Product Officer at Spireon. “With Red Bend’s OTA Software Updating Service, Spireon can ensure the quality, reliability and speed of updates, so our customers can instantly benefit from the latest in features and software updates.”

    Spireon’s award winning NSpire cloud-based M2M Business Intelligence Platform uses a leading-edge network of databases, data centers, web servers and Internet connections to deliver fast, powerful and more affordable GPS tracking. The NSpire platform guarantees high data speeds, always-on service availability, flexible coding for scalability, and security of critical data used in the business.

    “Telematics technologies are becoming more sophisticated benefiting the entire automotive industry from OEMs and Tier 1s to businesses that manage remote vehicle assets and consumers,” said Oren Betzaleli, EVP, products, strategy and marketing at Red Bend. “Partnering with Spireon, a leader in fleet and asset management and automotive telematics solutions, allows Red Bend the continued opportunity to show the cost-savings and revenue-generating business benefits of OTA software management.”

    For more information, please visit: www.redbend.com

    About Red Bend Software
    Red Bend® Software, the leader in Mobile Software Management (MSM) with more than 2 billion Red Bend-Enabled™ devices, makes mobile devices and services continuously better in a rapidly changing world. Red Bend is the only company that provides standards-based products and solutions for software management, device management and mobile virtualization that work on any mobile phone and connected device uniformly, efficiently and securely over the air. Red Bend enables its customers to stay competitive in a fast-moving market by helping them deliver high-value services on an increasing number of connected devices with growing software complexity. More than 80 leading device manufacturers, mobile operators, semiconductor vendors and automotive companies worldwide trust Red Bend with their most important assets — the mobile and connected devices their consumers depend on.

  • 17 Dec 2014

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  • 16 Dec 2014

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