• 08 Nov 2016

    Clarizen Named Best Collaboration Software on CrowdReviews.com
    SANTA FE, NM--(Marketwired - November 07, 2016) - CrowdReviews.com, a platform for reviewing and ranking online software, has announced Clarizen as the best online collaboration software based on customer reviews. Clarizen has achieved their position as the leading collaboration software based on the reviews their customers have left in regards to features and functions of their software. Competing collaboration software vendors are invited to ask their customers to leave their own reviews detailing their experiences with the solutions being provided.
    The rankings on CrowdReviews.com are determined based on a transparent algorithm. This algorithm takes into consideration several elements including 5 primary factors which providers can improve to increase their placement within the rankings. These five factors include review strength, engagement strength, sentiment strength, profile strength, and verified status. Providers and customers alike can review the factors used to determine placement on the rankings at the link provided below:
    CrowdReviews.com encourages reviewers to attach a LinkedIn profile when leaving a review to add additional credence to their review, allowing for visitors to ensure that a review was written by a real person. Reviewers can choose whether to attach their profile to a recommendation, or to leave a review anonymously. While the choice to leave a review anonymously is available, more weight is placed on reviews made by those which attach their name to their review. Others can leave a comment or ask a question to reviewers as well, enabling companies to communicate with reviewers.
    To view the rankings of the best collaboration software visit:
    Those interested in joining CrowdReviews.com can visit the following page to register or claim their profile:
    About CrowdReviews.com
    CrowdReviews.com is a crowdreviewing platform which ranks over 500 software categories and 200 service categories.

  • 27 Oct 2016

    ironSource Ranks Top 5 Worldwide in TUNE Global Advertiser List


    Global technology powerhouse ironSource has been ranked 5th in leading mobile attribution platform TUNE’s Top 25 Global Advertising Partners of 2016 list. Following closely after players like Google, ironSource’s high rank is a testament to the quality and scale of their inventory.

    “ironSource offers end-to-end solutions for both developers and advertisers, which means we control a huge amount of market supply, giving us the necessary scale and direct relationships to provide a viable alternative to walled garden options like Google and Facebook,” said Omer Kaplan, CMO and Co-Founder of ironSource.

    In order to build the list, TUNE created an algorithm, scoring over 400 of their 1000+ most active advertising partners. The algorithm took eight qualities into consideration: adoption, reputation, TUNE certified partner program, clicks/taps, installs, revenue per install for a 30 day period, revenue per install for a 60 day period, and retention.

    The largest independent platform offering mobile monetization and marketing, ironSource has over 80K apps using its technologies to turn their apps into successful businesses. Following a merger with Supersonic in January 2016, the company reaches 800M users every month globally, meeting them at various touch-points along the user journey. This, coupled with ironSource’s direct supply channels positions the company as a critical player in the mobile ecosystem.

    “The fact that we work with so many partners from both the demand and supply side gives us the ability to see data from across the user journey, and that multi-touchpoint data allows us to offer the kind of user segmentation and targeting that sets our solution apart. That proprietary data, combined with really innovative ad units that see high-engagement is what makes us the go-to partner for so many major advertisers,” Kaplan continued.

    Advertisers working with ironSource also benefit from exclusive, untapped supply available through the ironSource Aura platform. Launched in early October 2016, ironSource Aura is a dynamic content recommendation platform for device manufacturers and mobile carriers, which is deeply integrated into the user experience of millions of mobile devices worldwide. In stealth mode up until now, the solution gives advertisers the opportunity to rise above the noise and engage with potential users through various touch-points throughout the lifecycle of the device.

    “User acquisition today is becoming more and more competitive, with distribution channels growing increasingly saturated,” continued Omer Kaplan. “For advertisers looking for unique supply, we’re able to provide them with an exclusive opportunity to engage users at the specific moment where they are wired to install apps, and with the solution shipping on 100 million devices, we're able to couple that with serious scale.”

  • 27 Oct 2016

    Outbrain expands its network across India's growing finance category

    Outbrain, the content discovery platform, has revealed  the significant leadership it has gained across its publisher network in the Finance category. Over the past 12 months names like: Moneycontrol, Business Standard, the Outlook Group including Outlook Money, Financial Express, The Hindu Business Line, and Businessworld have joined its impressive partner base of premium publications in India.

    Rubeena Singh, Chief Operating Officer at Moneycontrol, said, “Outbrain is constantly innovating and advancing its product and services to provide something truly valuable for online publishers. We decided to renew our partnership with them because over time they have not only provided high quality recommendations, but delivered one of the most effective monetisation opportunities across desktop, mobile and apps for Moneycontrol."

    Neeraj Singhal, Sales Director for India at Outbrain, commented, “Outbrain continues to be the medium of choice for brands in the Financial Services sector who wish to reach relevant audiences in India. Brands like UTI Mutual Funds, and many more are now able to leverage our growing network of premium publications, as well as draw on optimization tools like KPI Optimization, to better target their audiences and in turn get better ROI on their campaigns.”

    The Finance category is one that presents some of the best opportunities for publishers and brands alike in India. The category is undergoing rapid expansion, both in terms of strong growth of existing financial services firms and new entities entering the market. Comprising commercial banks, insurance companies, non-banking financial companies, co-operatives, pension funds, mutual funds and other smaller financial entities, it’s a vibrant industry and one in which the Government of India has introduced several reforms to liberalise, regulate and enhance.

    “We intend to grow and expand our partnerships with premium publishers across India - not only in the finance genre, but across news, lifestyle, youth, automotive, sports and more. Our technology, tools, proprietary analytics and insight capabilities will continue to help our partners drive significant revenue uplift, while helping them to personalise their user experiences,” said Sandeep Balani, Director of Business Development in India at Outbrain.

    “This in turn represents a great opportunity for marketers, who benefit from our unrivalled reach and are given access to unique data that informs their strategies and helps them to better understand how users are interacting with content in a specific category,” added Balani

  • 01 Dec 2016

    Daniel presenting to the #Unilever delegation to Israel, including global CMO #amazingshowofisrael #violagroup https://t.co/2OhoHjT5Hb
  • 01 Dec 2016

  • 29 Nov 2016

    RT @enSiloSec: Hackers demand 10% of cyber attack victims' bank accounts to be paid in Bitcoin. https://t.co/FTDHe9M5Sn

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