Why it’s pointless to approach potential investors with nothing more than an idea and a PowerPoint deck

As someone who works with VCs every day, I’ve managed to pick up a thing or two about how the investment process works, so I’m... MORE

Less is more: How to present your startup financials in just 3 slides

As a follow up to my last blog post on 5 tips for building your startup's financial plan, here are 3 simple slide examples you cou... MORE

How to hire a Sales shark for your startup

The following is a guest post by Inside Sales trainer, Danna Zakai. Salespeople are such an important entity within a company, ... MORE

8 Tips that ANYONE can use to boost their Salesmanship

The following is a guest post by Inside Sales Trainer, Danna Zakai. It’s no secret that Sales comes more naturally to some than... MORE

6 questions YOU should be prepared to answer when interviewing a CMO for your startup

The following is a guest post by Moran Barnea, Chief Process and Innovation Officer at Ion Asset Management. CMOs often play a... MORE

Why your website needs a compelling hero message and how to create one that doesn’t suck (with 30 great examples!)

The idea that every entrepreneur should have a well-rehearsed elevator pitch was once considered a “must”, so that should they... MORE

Why digital startups need to rethink their approach to hiring new talent

The following is a guest post by Shiri Grosbard, Co-founder & VP Marketing at Join - Digital Talent Agency (translation from H... MORE

How to set your startup on a healthy Path to Profitability

It seems that the tides are changing super-fast these days, with the entire industry replacing "growth at all costs" with "path to... MORE

Why bragging about your startup’s achievements to “help” others is actually totally unhelpful

Using numbers and statistics in headlines is a proven method of boosting clicks. But there’s one type of number that some compan... MORE

5 insider-tips for nailing a startup pitch to a boardroom full of VCs

It goes without saying that when you get the opportunity to come and pitch your startup to a room full of VC Partners, you need to... MORE

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