• 19 Jul 2017

    TradAir and Snap Innovations Team Up to Deliver Innovative FX Solutions for Asia
    TradAir, an Israel-based provider of cloud-based trading technology solutions, today announced a partnership agreement with Singapore-based Snap Innovations, a multi-asset trading software and services specialist, to develop joint FX solutions dedicated to their clients in the Asian market.

    Backed by the Singapore-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation, or SIIRD, the two firms will produce a new series of forex solutions specific to Asian markets in a bid to enhance regional liquidity. Recognizing the need to have efficient access to the best pricing capabilities and market liquidity, the cooperation also centers on providing market participants with improved connections to FX venues, bridging the current gap, and facilitates market making between the fragmented OTC and exchange-based regional liquidity pools.

     This initiative is one of many projects funded and sponsored by the SIIRD, which is a collaborative endeavour between the Singapore Economic Development Board and the Office of the Chief Scientist in Israel, to support joint projects between fintech companies from both countries.

    Snap Innovations was founded in 2011 to support Singapore and China exchanges by providing a multi-asset system and order execution to sell-side and buy-side clients.

    In turn, TradAir’s continued expansion in Singapore aims to tap into one of the largest FX nexuses in the world. Indeed, Singapore is the biggest FX centre in Asia and the third-largest globally after London and New York, according to the 2016 Triennial Central Bank Survey by the Bank for International Settlements.

    Chan Eng Chye, General Manager of SIIRD, commented: “We are very pleased to support TradAir and Snap Innovations, exemplary examples of Fintech companies in Singapore and Israel, in their joint research efforts to address challenges facing Asian financial participants. We look forward to supporting more of such collaborative R&D projects between innovative Fintech firms from Israel and Singapore”

    Michael Lim, Director of SNAP Innovations, also noted: “Asia is a rapidly growing FX region, and Singapore is the 3rd largest centre globally. This is great opportunity to partner with TradAir to jointly develop innovative FX solutions that address challenges facing Asian market participants.”
  • 12 Jul 2017

    ECI® Lights Up Europe's 400G Market with Multiple Deployments Across the Continent
    Clients large and small have chosen ECI’s Apollo 400G solution to meet ever growing demand
    Petach Tikva, Israel – July 12, 2017 – ECI, a global provider of ELASTIC network® solutions for
    service providers, critical infrastructures, and data center operators, announced today the
    continued deployment of its 400G solution, enabling customers to provide faster connectivity
    and meet growing market demand. Within the last few months, key customers across Europe
    have upgraded their networks with ECI’s Apollo family of optical products with integrated 400G
    flex-grid blade.
    Optical networks continue to evolve, and are playing an essential role in providing the
    necessary infrastructure to handle the growing demand that businesses and consumers are
    placing on global networks. The emergence of ultra-high capacity wavelengths (200Gb/s and
    higher) compatible with existing networks is necessary to keep ahead of the curve as essential
    functions move rapidly to the cloud and into mega data centers. The new ECI deployments are
    not only proof of market demand, but also that the ECI solution is a strong contender in this
    ECI’s Apollo platform ensures service providers can easily meet today’s demand, while
    remaining future-proof and flexible to meet the needs of tomorrow. It combines high-capacity,
    low-latency OTN transport and switching, with software configurable, colorless, directionless
    and gridless optical routing, for maximum efficiency. With the 400G blade, the allocation of
    transmission rate and spectrum are fully flexible and can be determined by service, preference
    or distance. Moreover, the ability to configure a mix of rates on both client and line sides
    results in maximum efficiency, improved flexibility and reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership),
    particularly suited to industry needs.
    “As the optical networking industry evolves, ECI aims to be the supplier of choice for carriers
    who are looking for a flexible solution that will grow with them as their needs change. ECI’s
    Apollo family of solutions provides granular control over flows, supports rapid service
    provisioning, dynamic service restoration, and maximum utilization of network capacity,” said
    Jimmy Mizrahi, executive vice president, Global Portfolio at ECI. “The 400G flex-grid blade in
    our Apollo suite of products is an excellent solution.”
    A few of the companies who have already implemented ECI’s 400G solution include:
     The Dutch National Research and Education Network SURFnet created a 400G
    connection between Utrecht and Breda as part of an upgrade of its next generation
    network, SURFnet8. The link provides a direct connection, with extremely high capacity 
    network capabilities, to support the flow of information between educational and
    research organizations in two major university cities. This solution not only handles the
    network loads they have now, but can easily adapt to meet the needs Dutch education
    and research organizations may have in the future.
     German service provider NetCom BW, which already operates a large Apollo network,
    launched the 400G platform to support a link between Stuttgart and Frankfurt. This will
    now serve as the basis for a direct connection to the Internet Exchange Frankfurt, taking
    into account its steady customer growth, and the correlated growth of Internet traffic. It
    also provides future growth possibilities with up to 88 parallel connections.
     Romanian cable TV operator UPC, deployed the Apollo platform in its core ring that
    services the main cities in Romania like Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj, Oradea and Timisoara.
    The Apollo 88 channel ring will provide 400G connectivity with 100G service interface,
    replacing the old 10G interfaces. With the new technology in the core, the UPC network
    is ready to assuage the ever-growing demand from its customers.
     German data center operator New Telco has been a loyal ECI customer for nearly a
    decade. They deployed ECI’s Apollo DWDM technology across the Frankfurt metro area.
    The current project upgrades the existing 100G interfaces to 400G to provide a much
    higher port density and throughput than ever before.
    “ECI’s ultra-high capacity optical solutions, ensure our customers are at the cutting edge of
    technology,” added Mizrahi. “The sheer number and variety of clients who have already
    deployed them across Europe, and elsewhere, is an indicator of how traffic needs are growing.
    We are confident these numbers will continue to grow worldwide. We’re looking forward to
    meeting the challenges ahead.”
    ECI’s 400G flex-grid blade is just one of the ultra-high capacity solutions from ECI, offering
    drastically improved spectral efficiency (compatible with 50GHz networks), reduced rack space
    and power consumption, as well as integrated OSNR measurement and analysis (via award
    winning LightPULSE™) and L1 encryption capabilities. For more information about ECI’s Apollo
    platform, and how you can get started on the path to 400G, please visit:
    About ECI
    ECI is a global provider of ELASTIC network solutions to CSPs, critical infrastructures as well as
    data center operators. Along with its long-standing, industry-proven packet-optical transport,
    ECI offers a variety of SDN/NFV applications, end-to-end network management, a
    comprehensive cybersecurity solution, and a range of professional services. ECI's ELASTIC
    solutions ensure open, future-proof, and secure communications. With ECI, customers have the 
    luxury of choosing a network that can be tailor-made to their needs today while being flexible
    enough to evolve with the changing needs of tomorrow.
    For more information visit www.ecitele.com.
  • 04 Jul 2017

    Theranica Raises $6M to Combat Migraine

    NETANYA, Israel, July 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

    Theranica Bio-Electronics, a bio-medical technology company developing advanced electroceuticals for migraine and other prevalent diseases, announced the closing of its round A of financing, led by Lightspeed Venture Partners. Other investors participating in the round are LionBird venture capital firm and Corundum Open Innovation.

    The funds, totaling about $6M will be used mainly to complete the regulatory process of the company's first product, for acute treatment of migraine, and to bring the product to mass production.

    Established in 2016, Theranica deploys advanced electronics and wireless communication technologies, combined with recent advancements in the research of neurology, to develop a line of "electroceuticals" - drug-free solutions for a few medical conditions, starting with migraine.

    "This investment finds the company in the midst of its pivotal clinical study, which is being conducted now in 8 hospitals and clinics in the USA and Israel", said Alon Ironi, CEO and co-founder of Theranica. "This is a major step in our regulatory pathway. In parallel to completing this study, we develop solutions for additional debilitating diseases".

    "This new partnership with Lightspeed and the other investors will give Theranica the mass and muscle to address the huge potential of the rapidly increasing market for effective solutions for migraine", said Dr. Shimon Eckhouse, Theranica's chairman of the board.  

    "With more than 32 million Americans suffering from migraine, this is a problem yet to be solved", said Professor Stephen Silberstein, director of the Jefferson Headache Center in Philadelphia and former president of the American Headache Society, who serves on the company's medical advisory board. "Based on the promising clinical evidence produced so far by Theranica, as well as the simplicity of use and low cost of their innovative device, the company's solution has the potential to become the first line of acute treatment for migraine".

    "We are witnessing tectonic changes in the perception and understanding of healthcare technology and services", said Yoni Cheifetz, a partner with Lightspeed. "Healthcare professionals and consumers worldwide realize the dangerous impacts of pain killer addiction. Theranica's product (still in investigational phase) brings a drug-free, risk-free solution for hundreds of millions of migraineurs worldwide, which may rid them from the need to consume conventional drug-based pain killers. "

    About Theranica: Theranica is a medical device company, founded in 2016 by Alon Ironi, Ronen Jashek, Slava Barabash and Dr. Shimon Eckhouse, with the vision of combining advanced neuromodulation therapy with modern wireless technology to develop proprietary electroceuticals that address prevalent medical conditions and diseases.

    For more information about Theranica, visit http://www.theranica.com.

  • 29 Jun 2017

    RT @TechCrunch: Microsoft confirms Cloudyn acquisition, sources say price is between $50m and $70m https://t.co/YMlB85r3Cs by @ingridlunden
  • 29 May 2017

    Check out photos of the 1st #IsraelGrowthSummit, held by Viola & Israel Growth Forum led by @Wix… https://t.co/Kdo5rnj2p3
  • 27 May 2017

    Great read: 4 Things Entrepreneurs Can Do to Build a Truly Great Business, by @Payoneer CEO. https://t.co/3wx5QnXPDC

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