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The V+ professional forum hosts regular meetings across several verticals that allow executives to network and share experiences, best practices and insightful presentations addressing a variety of topics and challenges faced by startups as they strive to build significant companies and develop into category leaders

Monday 25.12.2017

World-Class Product Managers

In this V+ Product Forum meetup we hosted Gil Hirsch, ex-CEO of and until recently Senior Product Manager at Facebook, leading the relaunch of products such as Messenger and Ads Manager and rebuilding the Targeting team.

Gil presented his notion of "world-class product managers" and how they can consistently improve the execution and impact of product-driven companies.

Gil believes that as a whole, the Israeli hi-tech sector isn’t yet calibrated on what product managers can do, what a world-class product manager looks like, and how to build a product org that maximizes impact. He thinks Israeli companies can and should catch up if they seek to improve focus and performance.

Gil also presented the initiative of "Product Bootcamp" he is running with Yuval Samet, currently CEO of Impact Labs and previously CPO & CTO of Klarna in Sweden. The Product Bootcamp is a special program tailored by Gil and Yuval for small groups of product managers, helping to grow them to be more professional and more impactful.


  • Gil Hirsch x-CEO of and until recently Senior Product Manager at Facebook
Thursday 26.10.2017

Organizational Transformation During Global Growth

Aviva Arnon, SVP HR at Payoneer, spoke about global organizational transformation "from startup to grown-up" – focusing on how to manage and lead employees outside of Israel in a fast growing company.


  • Aviva Arnon Chief People Officer at Payoneer
Thursday 10.8.2017

Opening shop in China

We featured 2 speakers at this event. The first was Yoni Eyal, GM Asia Pacific at ironSource (a Viola Ventures portfolio company). Yoni spoke about the essentials of opening shop in China, from HR to Marketing and sales and business etiguette. Yoni was followed by Yoav Sade, a Partner at Meitar. Yoav spoke about local regulation and legal challenges facing Israelis who do business in China.


  • Yoni Eyal GM Asia Pacific, ironSource
  • Yoav Sade Partner at Meitar Liquornik Geva Leshem Tal
Monday 24.7.2017

Employee Branding

The topic of this joint session for both our V+ HR and V+ CMO Forums was Employee Branding. The session featured guest speaker Raz Mitzna who spoke about "practical attitudes for employee branding".

The session also included a presentation by Geektime on Geektime Insider, their new product for employee branding.


  • Raz Mitzna Owner at Attract & Retain
Tuesday 11.7.2017

How to succeed in a new HR role + The differences between onboarding new employees in the US and Israel

For HR leaders, the “entry” phase to a new company can be extremely challenging, because they need to learn the business, familiarize themselves with the ecosystem, understand the behavioral codes and connect to the people - all this while trying to deliver results.

In the first part of this V+ HR session, Dan Valach, SVP HR at SimilarWeb, shared some insights from his past experience in other companies and specifically SimilarWeb, covering the first few months of an HR manager in a company, what are the key success behaviors for a successful beginning and ongoing influence on the path of the organization, what are the do’s and dont's, etc.

In the second part of the session, Owner and Cross Cultural Consultant at Globaleyes, Margo Paz, talked about comparisons between US and Israeli onboarding and interviewing processes from the candidate and company’s perspectives – based on the cultural differences between the two countries.


  • Dan Valach SVP HR at Similarweb
  • Margo Paz Owner and Cross Cultural Consultant at Globaleyes
Thursday 22.6.2017

Building Winning Technological Brands

In this session of our V+ CMO Forum, Carmel Yoeli, Co-founder & CEO at Atreo, shared some tips and case studies around building great brands for technology companies. Some of the topics he covered include:
1. Why effective branding always begins with a single, clear USP (unique selling proposition)
2. How a brand’s USP relates to the company’s maturity in the technology market
3. The power of differentiation for tech company branding – SiSense case study
4. How to create great branding for technology companies that are underdogs
5. How to brand tech startups based on new, disruptive technology – Elstifile case study

Video highlights of the event can be viewed here >


  • Carmel Yoeli Co-founder & CEO, Atreo

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