The New HR Operational Model: Redefining the Employee-Employer Psychological Contract

This is the HR edition of our New Operational Model series - a practical department-by-department guide for startups operating in ... MORE

What Fintech VCs are looking for Post-COVID: Takeaways from #ViolaVirtual event

Global fintech investments have been booming, reaching $1.75B in 2019 in Israel alone. COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on the... MORE

If there is no wind, row: How tech companies up their game amid the COVID-19 crisis

Over the past couple of months, the world has seen economies coming to a sharp standstill. For Israeli tech companies, whose growt... MORE

The New Operational Model Post COVID-19: A Practical Guide for Israeli Startups

As the dust settles on crisis management, we have more energy to devote to thinking about what society, technology, and life will ... MORE

The Future of Work: Survey Shows IL Tech Adjusting to Post-COVID Reality

After Facebook, Google both announced that they would let their employees work from home through 2020, Twitter one-upped them, dec... MORE

4 Consumer-Focused Innovation Opportunities in the Post-COVID World

We’re closing 2 months of our new lives under COVID-19. After overcoming the initial shock, companies are only now settling into... MORE

COVID-19 Resources (Downloadable)

The majority of Israeli companies now have either a partially or fully mandatory work from home policy for their employees. In an ... MORE

COVID-19 Survey: The “New Normal” – Is High-Tech Going Back to the Office?

The government has implemented partial "back to the office" guidelines, but how swiftly are they being implemented? Our survey of ... MORE

Ronen’s Daily Coronavirus Calendar

Viola Ventures General Partner Ronen Nir has been keeping a daily calendar tracking the impact of COVID-19 and the Israeli tech ec... MORE

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