Portfolio Activity


Portfolio Activity

Here’s where we publish news (from time to time) about various Viola Group investments and other interesting portfolio activity.

News about various Viola Group investments and other portfolio activity.

The future of personalization (and the tool we believe will power it)

At Viola Growth, we see about 200 growth companies every year and invest in maybe two or three of them (just a little over 1%). Th... MORE

Why I decided to invest in MOV.AI 20 minutes into our first meeting

20 minutes into my first meeting with Limor Schweitzer, the founder of MOV.AI, I already knew this is going to be my next investme... MORE

Why we just invested in SimilarWeb

At the risk of sounding trivial, digital presence of everything – news, people and companies - has become the primary medium for... MORE

Why we just invested in Seebo, a startup that’s reinventing product development for IoT

Over the course of meeting many interesting startups in the area of IoT, I’ve had many opportunities to hear different perspecti... MORE

What an amazing year we had at Viola Group in 2015! Here’s a playful look at some of the highlights.

What an amazing year we had at Viola Group in 2015! Here's a playful look back at some of the highlights using one of our portfol... MORE

Carmel Ventures invests in Cloudyn, the startup empowering Enterprises to embrace the hybrid cloud

I am very excited to have taken a major part in Carmel Venture’s most recent investment – Cloudyn. Founded in late 2011, Cloud... MORE

“Software-ization” of Mobile Networks, Big Data and why we just invested in Cellwize

The following post is by Alon Weinberg, Director at Dell Technologies Capital, and formerly a Principal at Carmel Ventures from 20... MORE

How private equity helped transform Orad into the roughly $70 million apple of Avid’s eye

As private equity investors who have been working with Orad’s highly seasoned management for the past few years on the transform... MORE

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