Portfolio Activity


Portfolio Activity

Here’s where we publish news (from time to time) about various Viola Group investments and other interesting portfolio activity.

News about various Viola Group investments and other portfolio activity.

Payoneer to go public

12 years ago, Viola Ventures General Partner, Avi Zeevi, (the “godfather” of Israeli finTech), led an investment in Payoneer w... MORE

The Future of the API Economy: A Discussion with RapidAPI Founder Iddo Gino

The advent and proliferation of APIs has been a major tailwind for startups, allowing them to focus scarce resources on building t... MORE

Redis Labs, Maker of Database Software, Hits $1B Valuation

Redis Labs - home of the “Most Loved Database” for the fourth consecutive year - has achieved unicorn status, after it raised ... MORE

The importance of Fin in the success of FinTech companies

I’ve been active in the FinTech space for over four decades. The common denominator of the successful companies I’ve been invo... MORE

New CS Operational Model: 8 Steps to Kill the Churn

This is the Customer Success edition of our New Operational Model series – a practical department-by-department guide for startu... MORE

The “Optimal” Way: What We Learned from Realizing and Building Value

Let’s start from the end – negotiating and signing a complex transaction via Zoom is not the “optimal” way, and after over... MORE

Investing in computational biology as part of our Vertical AI strategy

It’s not every day that biology gets to share in the global spotlight, but these are not ordinary days. With the spread of COVID... MORE

Why I’m excited about my first investment, Applicaster: The company that’s shaking up app development for media companies

Only a few months after transitioning from company CEO to a partner at Viola Growth, I was fortunate to come across what would bec... MORE

[EXIT] McDonald’s announces agreement to purchase Viola Growth portfolio company Dynamic Yield

We're super excited by the news of our latest exit: McDonald’s Corp. is buying Viola Growth portfolio company Dynamic Yield in a... MORE

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