Startup Resources


Startup Resources

There are many elements involved in creating and running startups. In this category, we’ll be featuring tips and insights about a variety of topics including team building, startup marketing, product development, scaling and business growth, and a bunch of other topics that those in the startup scene may find interesting and useful.

Board Committees – Start Early

Board work is often perceived as "overhead" for many startup CEOs, who basically want to deal as little as possible with investors... MORE

SDR Benchmarks for the Israeli Tech Ecosystem 2020

This research is presented by Viola's Business Operations team Our 2020 SDR Benchmark Survey presents a high-level overview of th... MORE

Sales Compensation In SaaS Companies – COVID Edition

This research is presented by Viola's Business Operations team Our 2020 Survey on Sales Compensation in Israeli SaaS Companies re... MORE

Israel FinTech Map

Israel's fintech ecosystem stands as one of the largest and most advanced in the world, encompassing technological solutions for f... MORE

Staying Agile as a Fund: Why We Decided to Become an LP in a Games Fund

Today we announced the launch of VGames, a new fund that was initiated by games expert Eitan Reisel. VGames is a dedicated fund ju... MORE

Going virtual on your annual event – Maybe good news?

“I’m not sure how COVID-19 will evolve, but one thing is certain – With 3-4X attendees, at half of the cost, the probability... MORE

The Rise of the Female Founders: Advice & Insights from 6 of Viola’s New Female Entrepreneurs

Over the past year alone, Viola has invested in 6 companies that have female founders. In honor of International Women's Day 2020,... MORE

Market Opportunities in Semi: A VC Perspective

2019 was an extremely important year for the semi industry in Israel. It started off with the purchase of Mellanox by NVIDIA for $... MORE

SemiSummit Tel Aviv 2020: A Semiconductor Renaissance

There is a renaissance in the semi industry, both globally and in Israel. With the massive use of AI/ML, data continues to rise... MORE

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