Once upon a time, not so long ago, before the internet and mobile devices, marketing used to be comfortably straightforward. Fast forward to today, an new era in which the internet has evolved to the point where content overload, endless media channels and mobile reach rule our world. “Marketing” no longer means just one thing. It incorporates countless disciplines and in addition to traditional “promotion” now also includes acquiring users, growing traffic, optimization (for just about everything) and boosting downloads. Some might even argue that mastering it is slowly becoming akin to mastering rocket science. Well, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but the sentiment is true enough. Marketing was never easy but these days, it’s down right HARD. Which makes cracking its secrets so much more rewarding!

Going virtual on your annual event – Maybe good news?

“I’m not sure how COVID-19 will evolve, but one thing is certain – With 3-4X attendees, at half of the cost, the probability... MORE

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Marketing is from Mars, Sales is from Venus

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What startups should know about marketing to a foreign audience (it’s not just about translation)

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Corporate vs Startup Marketing: Why Startups need to hire Michelle over Uncle David if they want to succeed

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6 questions YOU should be prepared to answer when interviewing a CMO for your startup

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How to write a super-effective Press Release for your startup (example of “new funding round” PR included)

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