Why Generative AI May be a Pricing Game Changer

Generative AI is capturing the attention, imagination, and funding of the global ecosystem these days, and we’re not exempt - se... MORE

Israeli tech delivers, no matter what

Israel stands firm in its unyielding battle against terrorism, a reality that we acknowledge and confront with relentless resolve.... MORE

Unlocking Liquidity: FinTech Meets Music-Tech

FinTech is catering to demographics that have previously been redlined from the financial system. This may capture access to credi... MORE

Unlocking Financial Control: The Exciting Prospects of EWA

In today's rapidly evolving financial landscape, one sector in the FinTech industry has been gaining significant traction and atte... MORE

Building a Strong Borrowing Base: Key Steps to Success

For lenders who would like to secure Asset-Backed Financing, it's crucial to understand the importance of maintaining a strong bor... MORE

Growth Lending: and its relevance in the current market

Growth Lending, or Venture Debt, is an investment vehicle that allows technology companies to add capital to their balance sheet a... MORE

When Startup CEOs Need Advice

Independent Board Member vs Executive Coach – which one is right for you? The only job lonelier than CEO is that of a startup C... MORE

FinTech in 2023 – Viola’s Predictions

Despite the overall pullback in venture funding and the turmoil of financial markets, financial services remained the leading sect... MORE

2022 Israeli Fintech Report: Rocky but Optimistic

The global uncertainty in 2022 brought decades-high inflation rates with an uncertain macro environment, resulting in central bank... MORE

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