Viola Data


Viola Data

As part of our ongoing analysis of our portfolio companies and tech ecosystem at large, we sometimes leverage our unique data to create and share thought leadership reports, industry maps, and a variety of industry insights based on our BI database.

The Israeli Ecosystem H1/2023 – Keeping the Seatbelt Fastened on an Intense Roller Coaster

As we wrap up the first half of 2023, we continue to track the volatility in tech investments and analyze the Israeli ecosystem’... MORE

[Viola Data] HR/Finance Employee Ratios in Israel

The ratio of HR employees to total employees in Israel depends very much on the size of the company. The smaller the company, the ... MORE

[VIOLA DATA] Which early-stage domains will survive (and even flourish) in the face of transformation?

To understand the future, one must look at the past. As technology continues to change faster and faster, AI is dramatically chang... MORE

[VIOLA DATA] Is the median time between funding rounds shorter than we think?

One of the most well-known stats in the startup/investment industry is that a funding round should be sufficient for 18-24 months ... MORE

[VIOLA DATA] Do all verticals mature equally?

As a cross-stage investment group, it is important for us to analyze our investment theses over time and examine whether the areas... MORE

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