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    companies & Fintech lenders.





    Viola Credit is a global alternative credit Asset manager, providing customized credit solutions for technology companies & Fintech lenders.

    We provide cutting-edge, flexible, and tailored credit solutions for global technology companies to support growth through two main credit offerings: Growth Lending & Fintech Lending.

    We are a long-term credit partner who can support the capital requirements of companies of all types and stages from operational capital requirements in supporting growth to asset-based lending needs to finance FinTech lenders.
    With deep banking, financial and technology investment experience, the Viola Credit team has become the lender of choice to many promising companies globally.


    Growth Lending

    Fintech Lending

    Efficient financing solution for leading venture-backed tech companies to support growth and extend cash runway at minimum dilution


    • Professional & experienced team
    • High growth market
    • Global orientation
    • Strong technological IP
    • Venture backed


    • Extend cash runway with less dilutive capital for the founders & investors.
    • Companies can use Growth Lending to complement or bridge their way to the next equity financing round.
    • Tailor-made to the needs of the company.
    • Hands-free, cov-light approach. No direct involvement in daily management.

    Flexible, tailor-made lending capital, via an asset-backed credit warehouse designed mainly for fintech lenders to support their growth and expansion while maximizing their equity

    Our Offering

    • Full funding solution across the entire business life cycle.
    • Flexible credit box & scalable funding source.
    • Active support in establishing funding infrastructure.
    • Creative structuring.
    • Long-term partnership approach.
    • Broad range check sizes.

    Areas Of Expertise

    We partner with leading global FinTech and PropTech platforms, from early stage to maturity

    • Senior, Senior stretch & Junior positions.
    • Cross stages & geographies.
    • Financing all types of cash generating assets.
    • Investment agnostic: secured / non-secured, SME / Consumer.


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