N-trig is the provider of DuoSense™ digitizer technology combining pen and zero-pressure touch for mobile computers into a single device. N-trig enables OEMs and ODMs to provide innovative new technology for the next generation of mobility by making notebook PCs more mobile, productive, user-friendly, natural, and intuitive to use. DuoSense is easily integratable and supports any type of LCD, giving OEMs and ODMs more flexibility. With an extensive patent portfolio, N-trig also supports a variety of applications for different market segments including consumer, education, business, healthcare, graphic and industrial design, gaming, entertainment and multimedia. Founded in 1999, N-trig is a global operation, maintaining its: R&D facility, corporate headquarters and management in Kfar Saba, Israel; sales, OEM and ISV support in Austin, Texas and San Jose, California; ODM, operations and supply chain support in Taipei, Taiwan, Tokyo, Japan and Shanghai, China. N-trig was acquired in February 2015 by Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq: MSFT).
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