Proteantecs provides unprecedented insight into electronics products throughout their full lifecycle, from cradle to grave - design, manufacturing and testing as well as product operational lifetime - revolutionizing electronics quality, reliability and safety monitoring solutions.

After meticulously learning and mapping an IC’s “DNA”, Proteantecs’ cloud based platform monitors ICs biometrics during IC and system production stages for extremely high precision binning and anomaly detection, achieving low defect levels unattainable today. Once in-field, the product’s health is constantly and thoroughly monitored, predicting impending faults at unparalleled coverage for advance alerting.

Pioneering a holistic approach to lifetime product tracking, Proteantecs bridges current supply chain barriers by propagating insights throughout the value chain, enabling previously absent data correlation and visibility between the various stages.

In a time where mission critical electronics are pushing the boundaries on quality, reliability and safety requirements, Proteantecs is primed to lead the way down the path to zero failures.

Founded in 2017 by Mellanox (NASDAQ: MLNX) co-founders, Shai Cohen (CEO), Evelyn Landman (CTO) and Roni Asuri (COO).

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