'Carmel Ventures'

Carmel is now Viola Ventures!

Today is a big day for us. For most people, it’s just another day in the office, but for us at Viola it’s the first day of som... MORE

[VIDEO] Israel Growth Summit: “The State of Growth Companies in Israel” (Shlomo Dovrat & Harel Beit-On)

The first ever Israel Growth Summit was held recently in Tel Aviv, co-hosted by the Viola Group and the Israel Growth Forum led by... MORE

6½ Financial Services that are ripe for disruption by innovation in Fintech

At Viola Ventures, we are long on Fintech, and believe that Israel is uniquely positioned as a fertile ground for growing successf... MORE

Marketing is from Mars, Sales is from Venus

In B2B companies, so much rides on achieving an optimal sales funnel, that if there’s a point in that funnel that’s “broken... MORE

[VIDEO INTERVIEWS] Viola Group Founders & CEOs reveal what they’re looking forward to in 2017

The following video interviews were produced by Noya Lizor during her tenure as Director of Content at Viola (2014-2019). We had ... MORE

[VIDEO] Daniel Cohen chats with Jeff Fromm about the influencing power of Millennials

Almost every day I get involved in a conversation related to the different generation types. Millennials are clearly the hottest b... MORE

Why my passion for IoT has led me to move to the bright side of Venture Capital

I have long been interested in the intersection between business and technology, so the opportunity to be exposed to a constant fl... MORE

[VIDEO] Daniel Cohen chats with Estée Lauder’s Chaz Giles on innovation trends in non-tech companies

One of the most interesting acquisition trends of 2016 has been the increased involvement of non-tech companies in the technology ... MORE

The revolution in container technologies and why we invested in Codefresh

Dev tools are not sexy. They are generally practical tools built solely to increase the productivity of development organizations ... MORE

[VIDEO] Daniel Cohen chats with DSP Group’s Daniel Amir on all-things Semiconductors

It's kind of funny that I'm writing today about Semiconductors. After all, I am the “consumer guy” at Viola Ventures, and I ha... MORE

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