Macro Winds that Blow into the Fintech Spinnaker

This time it’s different. Typically, macroeconomic predictions are prefaced with a caveat: “This time is different; uncertain... MORE

Generative AI In Fintech – A Look at the Latest Trends and Use Cases

Generative AI (GenAI) has taken the world by storm. We’re not just referencing the usual tech ecosystems and clusters, but mains... MORE

CeFi vs. DeFi and Whether You Should Care

As experienced investors in the FinTech space, we’ve been closely following the evolution of financial services in Web 3.0 and t... MORE

Fintech – Israel’s Growth Engine

2021 marked a significant boom in the Israeli fintech ecosystem, totaling $4.5B in fintech funding, setting a record high. Not onl... MORE

Embedded Financial Services are Going Mass Market with Alviere

Consumer financial services are undergoing another tectonic shift. Pre the fintech revolution, which started during the 2008 finan... MORE

Fintech for Elderly – Part 2

Welcome back to our Fintech for Elderly blog series. In case you missed it, Part 1 covers the trends and financial challenges seni... MORE

Fintech for Elderly – Part 1

As we increasingly adopt technology and take control of our financial lives via smartphones and savvy front-end applications, we t... MORE

Will we see a “Lyft Bank”?

We had a really interesting talk with Ran Makavy last week (EVP Strategic Initiatives at Lyft), on embedded fintech. Lyft processe... MORE

Israel FinTech Map

Israel's fintech ecosystem stands as one of the largest and most advanced in the world, encompassing technological solutions for f... MORE

All Hail Liquidity

There is a story of evolution to be told about liquidity in the context of cash, markets, and companies. Liquidity was a term clos... MORE

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