Why tech startups that learn to navigate innovation cycles and “think big” will shape the next decade

We spend a lot of time at Viola Ventures researching and debating areas of investment that we think will be instrumental in, if no... MORE

What startups should know about marketing to a foreign audience (it’s not just about translation)

The following is a guest post by Eitan Chitayat, founder of the global natie agency. If you’re marketing a new product in your ... MORE

4 Takeaways from Leigh Gallagher’s new book – The Airbnb Story

I just finished Leigh Gallagher’s latest book The Airbnb Story – a rather short read (200+ pages) that provides a very good, w... MORE

Why startups should ride the Innovation Wave (or risk being overtaken by it)

The following post was written by Ofer Brandes, SVP Strategic Effectiveness at Payoneer, during his tenure as CTO at Viola Venture... MORE

Corporate vs Startup Marketing: Why Startups need to hire Michelle over Uncle David if they want to succeed

The following is a guest post by full-stack startup marketing expert and Co-founder of G2Mteam, Einav Laviv. I have been a market... MORE

8 Tips that ANYONE can use to boost their Salesmanship

The following is a guest post by Inside Sales Trainer, Danna Zakai. It’s no secret that Sales comes more naturally to some than... MORE

10 Tips for growing startups on acquiring their first (or their next) company

The following is a guest post by John LoGioco, Chief Commercial Officer at Zebra Medical Vision Ltd and former EVP at Outbrain. A... MORE

Raising money for your startup? Why you need to beware of inflated valuations

Amit Ashkenazi is VP Business Strategy at Fiverr, and also formerly a Partner at Viola Growth. This post was written during his te... MORE

How to position your startup to recruit and retain the best team for you

The following is a guest post by Pamela Becker, former VP Global Marketing at Matomy Media Group and former VP Communications at i... MORE

What an amazing year we had at Viola in 2015! Here’s a playful look at some of the highlights.

The following post was created by Noya Lizor, during her tenure as Director of Content at Viola (2014-2019).   What an amaz... MORE

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