Dana Bouskila

Dana Bouskila

HR Manager at Viola Group

Dana is Viola’s HR Manager. She joined Viola Ventures in 2014 to lead internal operations. In January 2021 Dana was promoted to lead HR for the entire Viola Group as well as work with Viola Human Capital assisting portfolio companies with a number of human capital and talent acquisition initiatives.
As part of her role, Dana is responsible for recruiting, employee’s wellness, and welfare activities.


Dana was born and raised in Kibbutz Ein Gedi near the Dead Sea where she spent her youth among the ibex and palm trees.

She served as a welfare officer in the IDF and was released after 5 years of service.

Dana loves to travel and hike, visit new places and explore the world. But most of all she loves to bake –including her specialties, Babka and Challah!

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