Daniel Kedem

Daniel Kedem

Data Analyst at Viola Group

Daniel is a Data Analyst at Viola. As part of his role, he collects relevant, useful and interesting data about the fields Viola’s funds operate in, maintains Viola’s database, and most importantly, he is responsible for data analysis and business insights projects, including industry summaries, benchmarks, market research and ongoing data analysis on demand.


Daniel has a bachelor’s degree in Economics & Data Analysis from IDC Herzliya.

During his studies Daniel was a research assistant in the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) at IDC Herzliya in the cyber deferment unit, where he explored the Integration of data science into the counter terrorism field.

He interned at The Israeli Antitrust Authority in Jerusalem, working on economic reviews, data analysis and data processing.

Daniel’s military service was in the Israeli Air Force as an NCO in the Office of the Deputy Commander of the Air Force, and completed his service as an honors soldier.


His favorite hobby since childhood is swimming: “I took a few professional training courses, and this is the only sport I perform for fun.”

He is a gifted navigator! “I’m a human “Waze”, always know the right direction especially on trips.”

He swears by two mantras: The first is that “music makes every situation better”, and the other is that “to achieve a goal you need to set it firmly and keep it in mind with every step you take towards achieving it”.

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