Itzik Avidor

Partner & CFO, Viola Group & Viola Ventures

Itzik is a Partner & CFO of both Viola Group, and Viola Ventures.

Itzik joined Viola when the group was founded in 2000, having worked with the founding partners for the past 26 years, starting out as the Senior Audit Manager of Oshap and Tecnomatix.

Itzik has extensive experience in global financial management, private fundraising, mergers and acquisitions. He has participated in all stages of the listing process of Israeli companies on the NASDAQ and has extensive experience in performing due diligence, financial statement analysis and taxation of high-tech companies.

At Viola, Itzik is responsible for building the finance organization to support the growth of the group, and manages all financial and legal aspects, including fund planning, forecasting, cash management, portfolio monitoring, portfolio valuation, deal structuring, fund formation, reporting to LPs. Itzik also works closely with Viola portfolio companies’ management and finance teams.

Itzik is a graduated of Tel Aviv University with both a B.A. in Accounting and Economics as well as an MBA with a specialization in Accounting and Marketing, both with distinction.


Prior to joining the Viola Group in 2000, Itzik was a Senior Audit Manager at Deloitte (1993-2000), specializing in auditing high-tech companies, primarily those traded on the NASDAQ.


  • He loves to take walks on the beach, do Pilates, and “explore the world through the curious eyes of my children.”
  • His father was a weight lifter. He was meant to compete at the Munich Olympics but at the last minute he couldn’t go, and was therefore spared from the massacre of Israeli Olympians there.
  • He may have a super-power: “In the past few years I have discovered a brand-new talent (maybe even a super-power?) for ‘managing’ all four of my small children (the oldest is 7) at once: I can talk to all of them and play with all of them simultaneously, even though they’re not all playing the same game.”
  • One of his biggest inspirations is his grandmother and: “her ability to love and to find the good in everyone, her modest nature, her generosity, her ability to always see the ‘big picture’, and an outlook that was based on such sheer simplicity, that it was actually very sophisticated.”
  • One of his favorite mantras to live by is: “Sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places.”
  • There was a time he thought he wanted to be a doctor, but at the last minute he cancelled his medical studies: “I suspected that practical studies would not be the best fit for me, and it’s just as well, because as it turned out, I’m much better at keeping investment funds healthy than I ever would have been at curing people.”

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