Lee Shmulevitz

Lee Shmulevitz

Analyst at Viola Growth at Viola Growth

Lee joined Viola Growth as an analyst in 2021.


Prior to joining Viola Growth, Lee worked as a customer success manager at the cybersecurity company BlueVoyant, where she developed Customer Success infrastructure and worked with cross-functional teams to enhance service and product value.

Before that, Lee worked at various government ministries in strategy, policy and foreign relations roles, where she prepared annual and long-term strategic work plans and monitored their execution according to pre-defined KPIs.

Lee holds a B.A. in P.P.E (Philosophy, Economics, Political Science) and an M.A. in Public Policy, both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Lee served at the Iron Dome unit as an officer for 4.5 years. In her last role as Deputy Commander of a battery, she intercepted 60 rockets launched at Israel.

She is a die-hard fan of Maccabi Tel Aviv in basketball and knows the shirt numbers of all the players.

Lee is a huge fan of Beyoncé and has been to three of her concerts already. Her favorite mantra is of course Beyoncé’s song “who runs the world? Girls!” which she listens to before every major event or test she has.

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