Maayan Shefer

Maayan Shefer

Information Systems Manager at Viola Group

Maayan is an Information Systems Manager at Viola, where she develops and maintains the group’s data. As part of her role, she encourages data adoption by Viola’s team through guidance and optimization of the data user experience.

Maayan is responsible of Viola’s Salesforce (CRM) system maintenance and for developing associated work processes. She is also responsible for the BI tool and Its integration with the CRM, and with all data integrations in general between data applications.


Maayan has a degree in Industrial and Management Engineering from Ben Gurion University.

During 2017-2018 she was an Office Applications lecturer at “Etgar” College Be’er Sheva.

For her Army service she was Teleprocessing instructor at the School for Infantry Corps Professions and Squad Commanders.


She loves riddles, puzzles and thinking games. “I’m always into some sort of mobile game, you’ll never catch me without one!”

When she finished high school, she postponed her military service by a year in order to volunteer for a “Shnat Sheirut” – a year of community service – during which she worked with kids and teenagers who had serious troubles either at home or at school, and helped them through tutoring and by becoming a friend they could talk to. In addition, she also mentored a mentally challenged girl and helped her with her studying skills.

One of her favorite mantras is “Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.”

She is petrified of needles: “I passed out because of my extreme fear of needles several times and it’s also one of the reasons I never got my ears pierced!”

She’s a foodie and love trying new dishes. Thai food is her favorite (both cooking and eating)!

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