Ronit Amiaz

Ronit Amiaz

Organizational Growth Consultant at Ronit Amiaz

Ronit is an Organizational Growth Consultant who coaches CEOs and senior managers on structuring their teams and building the optimal HR infrastructure for their organizations. She does this by helping to recruit the right key executives/employees and coaching them to prepare for growth, and offering advice on bridging geographical and cultural gaps to create unified global organizations.

Prior to becoming a consultant, Ronit was VP HR at Viola Ventures from 2004-2018. In her capacity as VP HR, she assisted with team evaluations during the due diligence process and in recruiting managerial staff for portfolio companies post-investment. She also coordinated Viola’s V+ HR Forum, where Viola’s portfolio company HR directors gather on a quarterly basis for professional enrichment meetups.


Prior joining Viola, Ronit served as VP, Human Resources at TTI Telecom (NASDAQ:TTIL), a leading communications software provider. Prior to that, she managed the hi-tech consulting practice group of Ofer Ariely, a leading Israeli high-tech organizational consulting firm.

Ronit holds a B.A. in Psychology and an M.Sc. in Organizational Behavior from Tel Aviv University.


She love Pilates, snorkeling, natural reserves all over the world, reading and TV series (mainly Narcos and House of cards).

She grew up in Jaffa as an only child and was very protected.

Her grandfather immigrated from France to Tel -Aviv in 1912 and was the first coach of Maccabi Tel Aviv (football). Photos show that he taught Ata Turk (who was the General in Israel at the time) to play football!

She has a special admiration for the Righteous Among the Nations: “They saved Jews during the holocaust in spite of all the dangers involved. They were extraordinarily brave.”

One of her favorite mantras is Etgar Keret’s “Creating something out of something”: “Creating something out of nothing means making something up, out of thin air, in which case it has no value. Anybody can do that. But when you make something out of something, that means it was already there inside you the whole time, and you discover it as part of creating something new.”

She is a great believer in coaching: “Everybody can work through his personal blockages and shadows if he has the guts to leave his comfort zone.”

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