Timor Shabtay

Timor Shabtay

Head of Human Capital at Viola Group

Timor joined Viola in 2018 as Head of Human Capital, working with all of Viola’s portfolio companies as well as handling all internal HR processes.

Timor has vast experience in full-cycle global HR process and specializes in data analysis, HRIS and HR Process efficiency.

She holds an MBA in Human Resources Management and a BA in Economics and Management.


Timor has more than 12 years of experience in Human Resources. In the past few years she was a Regional Compensation and Benefits Manager at Marvell. Prior to Marvell, she was an HR Manager at Visonic (Tyco) and prior to that, she was the Compensation and Benefits and HRIS Expert at 888Holdings.


Timor is currently on a mission to transform herself from a ‘couch potato’ to an athlete: “I recently started running and my goal is to participate in the next 10km run.”

She loves escape rooms! “My husband and I have visited over 40 escape rooms across the country.” She also loves: psychology (and reading about it), going to the theater, and going to the spa. But Timor’s #1 love is her husband and 3 kids (twin boys and a daughter).

She is the youngest of 4 children and grew up in Holon. Her grandparents were the only members of their families to survive the holocaust, but out of their tiny family unit they created a huge family that’s now a “big, warm tribe”, with Timor’s parents recently welcoming their 14th grandchild (and still counting!)

Timor is especially inspired by women of inexhaustible strength who “make it” to the top purely on their own merits (without any material advantages) and sheer willpower, like Helen Keller and Miriam Ben-Porat (the first female appointed to the Supreme Court of Israel).

She’s also inspired by people who overcome personal tragedies and “choose life”, whether by contributing to society or by adapting to their new realities and making the most of it. For instance: Noam Gershoni, Miriam Peretz and Rona Ramon.

One of the mantras Timor lives by is ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’: “There is always fear of uncertainty in life, but I have learned over the years that everything is possible and ‘the sky’s the limit’. Once I decide to do something I see that I have the internal resources to do it. After all, I’m a devout couch-potato who is now running (!!) so says it all

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