Tomer Meridor

Tomer Meridor

Principal at Viola Growth

Tomer joined Viola Growth in 2017 as an Investment Analyst, and has since been promoted to Principal.

Tomer holds B.A. in Accounting and Economics with honors and an MBA, both from Tel Aviv University.


Prior to joining Viola Growth, Tomer was a Senior Associate at KPMG’s Deal Advisory and Financial Team, where he led due diligence teams, advised buyers and sellers through different deal stages, and built various financial models, with a focus on the tech field.

Before that, Tomer worked as an economist at Osem Nestle, where he conducted financial and KPI analysis, examination of capital investments, and evaluation and pricing of new products.


Tomer is addicted to sports. He plays football, loves running and is into extreme sports – including diving, rafting and even bungee jumping. He also likes watching sports on TV and is a sports trivia master!

Tomer grew up in a very geeky family. He is the only one who does not hold a BSc in computer science, his parents met in the Technion, and a typical Friday night dinner is highly likely to include discussions on code.

One of the mantras that Tomer tries to live by is to set high goals, work hard to achieve them, but never forget to enjoy the journey: “Achieving your goals is only possible when you enjoy the way.”

Tomer is a big believer in non-formal education. He was a counselor in the Israeli Scouts and for The Jewish Agency Israel Summer Camps. He also volunteers for a program at the Tel Aviv University that helps Ethiopian students acclimatize to the challenges of tertiary education.

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