Uri Galai

Uri Galai

Partner at Viola Credit

Uri is a Partner at Viola Credit. He joined the Fund in 2016, bringing with him over ten years of capital markets and management experience, seven of which he served as the CEO and CIO of Sigma Investment Group (acquired by a Spanish bank in 2015) and its subsidiaries.

Uri is also an external board member of Epsilon Portfolio Management company.

Uri holds a BA in Business Administration and Geography from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and an MBA from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem’s Executive Finance MBA program. He also served for five years as a commander in the Israeli Air Force Elite Commando Unit (“Shaldag”).


Uri served as an investment committee member and advisor in numerous financial institutions, and made a number of successful investments in different sectors such as clean energy, real estate and technology. He has also led several M&A deals.


His background is in the financial markets: “I served as a CEO and CIO of an investment house for more than seven years, where I developed a deep understanding of the needs and problems that financial markets are struggling with, so my main area of interest is the fintech space, with a primary focus (these days) on the alternative lending area.”

He has played soccer every Friday since he was five years old: “It’s a family tradition that my father began back in the 70’s and my three brothers have also played through the years.”

He was raised (and still lives) in Jerusalem and has 3 brothers: Yaron (Founder and CEO of Outbrain, which just happens to be a Viola Ventures portfolio company), Eytan (Managing Director, International at Outbrain) and Noam (a photographer at Getty Images in NY). “The four of us are great friends.”

His father Prof. Dan Galai is an international expert in risk management, financial engineering and derivatives, who developed the Volatility Index (VIX) back in the 80s: “My dad and I worked together for 10 years in our Investment House until we sold it to a Spanish bank in 2015.” Uri’s father remains one of his biggest inspirations: “He’s of the brightest, most intelligent and pleasant people I know.”

One of his favorite quotes is by Michael Jordan (another one of Uri’s inspirations): “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

He assists whenever needed in a pre-military program for youth at risk in Mitzpe Ramon – “Asher Ruah Bo” – which provides an educational, ethical and Zionist framework for young men who want to change the course of their lives. “The program facilitates this by paving the way for a meaningful military service in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and turning these youngsters into upright citizens.”

He also volunteers in the Shaldag Mentoring Program where he mentors young graduates from the Unit who are looking to make both personal and professional decisions about their future. “I believe it is our duty – as well as a great privilege – to contribute to the society we live in and to help weaker populations.”

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