Yakir Marziano

Yakir Marziano

Associate at Viola Growth

Yakir joined Viola Growth in January 2019 as an Associate, after shifting from the technology to the business world.

Yakir served in the IDF’s prestigious 8200 unit as a Software Engineer (Gamma Project) for 4.5 years – the last 6 months of which he was a commander of the “Mamas” course. He was honored to have been awarded the “Makor Chaim” prize for developing an innovative system that generated new capabilities and sources.

Yakir holds a BSc degree in Mathematics with two sub-majors in Economics and Philosophy from Tel Aviv University.


Prior to joining Viola, Yakir was a Principal at Nielsen Innovate, an Israeli incubator and early-stage fund, where he was responsible for deal flow management and conducting extensive due-diligence for the potential companies. He worked closely with portfolio companies on their pitches, technological challenges, and helping them network and make connections within the ecosystem.

Yakir was also a Software Engineer at SalesPredict (acquired by eBay for ~$40M) – which was among the companies that pioneered machine learning in the Sales industry. He was full stack engineer and one of the first employees in the company.


He got his first computer at age 5 and used DOS as his first operating system. “I didn’t know a word of English, but I knew exactly what to type on the keyboard to make it work. When I was 12 years old, I began coding and I haven’t stopped since.”

Yakir is a co-founder and volunteer in the IDF’s 8200 Young Forum. The forum – which currently has more than 2,000 members – encourages entrepreneurship among the unit’s young alumnus and provides them with tools to begin their own journeys.

He meditates regularly: “I fell in love with meditation through the Headspace app (I have a subscription).” He also loves hiking throughout Israel: “I know all the north routes and sometimes I combine my love of meditation with my love of hiking by meditating in nature.”

He played the organ for 8 years, the drums for 4 years and the mandolin for 3 years.

One of his unusual skills is matching a GIF for every situation: “This is me when I succeed in something, for example”

He loves Marvel and Drama movies, and when he begins a new TV series, he binge-watches it in a single weekend. “I believe I’m not the only one who thinks that Breaking Bad is better than Game of Thrones”.

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