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Viola - Pitchbook: Viola Ventures Analyzes the Evolution of Israeli VC October 2019 | Viola Group
22.01.16 | Ben Mordechai

[VIDEO] Israel Growth Summit: Growth Financing Panel (with Goldman Sachs MD, Jonathan Penkin) Financing Panel

Read More
22.01.16 | Ben Mordechai

[VIDEO] Israel Growth Summit: Growth Financing Panel (with Goldman Sachs MD, Jonathan Penkin) Financing Panel

Read More
22.01.16 | Ben Mordechai

[VIDEO] Israel Growth Summit: Growth Financing Panel (with Goldman Sachs MD, Jonathan Penkin) Financing Panel

Read More

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We decided to lead a $30 million investment in Bringg… Then COVID-19 happened

Eran Westman April 07, 2020
“Wait, what?” “You closed an investment 2 weeks after COVID-19 outbreak?” These were some of the reactions we receiv... MORE
Bringg Viola Investment

COVID-19 HR Survey: Welfare & Organizational Adjustments

Timor Shabtay April 05, 2020
As the global pandemic grinds economies to a standstill, Israeli companies are continuing to write their playbooks to cope with th... MORE

Ronen’s Daily Coronavirus Calendar

Ronen Nir April 05, 2020
Viola Ventures General Partner Ronen Nir has been keeping a daily calendar tracking the impact of COVID-19 and the Israeli tech ec... MORE

Office Rent Adjustments in the Time of Corona

Viola Editorial March 31, 2020
One of the heavy OpEx costs for startups comes from rent payments. But with employees forced to work from home, startups are looki... MORE

Viola Data Coronavirus Survey 3: Effect on Marketing

Merav Meluban March 26, 2020
You’ll hardly find a company that hasn't faced some kind of disruption due to COVID-19, especially when it comes to marketing op... MORE

Work From Home Resources (Downloadable)

Viola Editorial March 16, 2020
The majority of Israeli companies now have either a partially or fully mandatory work from home policy for their employees. In an ... MORE

Viola Data Coronavirus Survey 2: Impact on Israel’s tech ecosystem

Viola Editorial March 15, 2020
We continue our attempt to quantify the impact of the Coronavirus on the Israeli tech ecosystem, and to measure the effectiveness ... MORE

Viola Data Coronavirus Survey 1: Impact on Israel’s Tech Ecosystem

Viola Editorial March 11, 2020
In an attempt to quantify the effects of the Coronavirus on the Israeli tech ecosystem, we've sent out surveys to our forums of HR... MORE

The Rise of the Female Founders: Advice & Insights from 6 of Viola’s New Female Entrepreneurs

Viola Editorial March 08, 2020
Over the past year alone, Viola has invested in 6 companies that have female founders. In honor of International Women's Day 2020,... MORE

Market Opportunities in Semi: A VC Perspective

Zvika Orron February 20, 2020
2019 was an extremely important year for the semi industry in Israel. It started off with the purchase of Mellanox by NVIDIA for $... MORE

SemiSummit Tel Aviv 2020: A Semiconductor Renaissance

Viola Editorial January 27, 2020
There is a renaissance in the semi industry, both globally and in Israel. With the massive use of AI/ML, data continues to ... MORE

What Does it Take to Grow By 100 Employees Within a Year?

Timor Shabtay January 07, 2020
Recruitment has long been a major pain point for companies trying to scale. Employers have to shell out thousands of dollars in ad... MORE