In the past few years we’ve been seeing more and more Israeli founders relocate to the US after establishing their R&D centers in Israel. In fact, this has become the norm. After all, it’s understood that the market is “there” (not here) and that being in close physical proximity to the target market has a significant impact on the future success of the company.

Eyal Herzog (ex-Metacafe) sums it up in this short presentation in which he explains the importance of “living the culture” of the audience you are targeting by actually being present within it and not just reading about it or experiencing it as a remote observer.

Agreeing on relocation is easy. The big question is: Where should you move? The East Coast? West Coast? Maybe somewhere else?

Below is a simple comparison between 3 popular relocation destinations: New York, Silicon Valley, and “somewhere else” (Boston, Seattle, LA, etc.). For each category we graded the potential location with a score of 1-5 (5 signifying “amazing” and 1 signifying “disaster”).

I welcome your thoughts on this, as well as your suggestions for Do’s & Don’ts on relocating to the U.S.


Founder Relocation Guide - Infograhic


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