Adi Biran, Co-founder & CEO at Splacer

Age: 47

Lives in: Tel Aviv

Significant others: Married + 2

Company’s main offices: We currently have 2 offices – one in Sosa, Tel Aviv, and one in WeWork, Chelsea NYC.

Adi Biran, Co-founder & CEO at SplacerAdi Biran, Co-founder & CEO of Splacer

What does your company do and why is it unique?
Splacer brings together people who own unique spaces with people who are looking to create event experiences, such as meetings, workshops, parties and exhibitions. With Splacer we create a more sustainable and enjoyable way of utilizing urban spaces.

What are you most proud of in your company?
My partnership with my co-founder and long time friend, Lihi Gerstner. She is a huge creative force in making things happen. Also Lior Ash, our CTO, who is one of the smartest and most professional people I know. And of course our great team members in NYC and TLV!

Who inspires you/who do you admire and why?
Eran Oren – my life partner and the best CEO I know. I still try to learn from him as much as possible.
Sharon Eyal – my best friend and an overall great inspiration as a creative and uncompromising choreographer, dancer and person.

Which other companies do you admire and why?
I come from the world of Architecture so I admire individuals who inspire me based on their abilities to take abstract ideology and theoretical ideas and turn them into a reality. For example: Buckminster Fuller, Sejima from SANA and Diller & Scofidio.

What do you do for fun?
Spend time with my family and the people I love / Read / Go out with friends / Camp on the beach

iPhone or Android? iPhone

Favorite Food & TV Show: Eating ice cream while watching Olive Kitteridge

Favorite technological gadgets/apps right now:
My daughter’s GoPro (I’m really not a gadget person…)

Favorite go-to websites/blogs for news on your industry/technology:
Vox, FastCo. Design, Mashable, ArchDaily, Shareable.

The best business advice you ever received:
“Don’t be afraid of failures” and “Choose the right people, and delegate”.

What do you think would really surprise people to learn about you?
Between the age 16-18 I hardly went to school, it was too boring
2. In my next life I want to be a professional dancer
3. I’ve been in love with the same guy since I was 15
4. I have been researching (over many years) alternative ways of utilizing and building urban and residential spaces
5. I used to be an amateur belly dancer!

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