Viola’s new HR data is focused on employee benefits for Israeli companies who have operations in the US, to help them support their HR activity with relevant benchmarks. We surveyed 29 start-ups with different scope of operation in the US (by number of employees and number of sites).

Here are the main insights:

• COVID-19 effect: 66% of US companies are still working from home; Geo-agnostic recruitment: 62% are hiring from distant location.

• 65% of the companies do not differentiate between executive and non-executive employees in terms of PTO.

• Most companies offer 401K plans. 50% make matching contribution.

• 96% of the companies provide healthcare insurance plans to employees and managers.

• The majority of companies also provide healthcare insurance to family members on the company’s account.

• More companies pay for employees’ dental and vision insurance than for life insurance.

• Third of the companies provide maternity leave above the legal requirement.

• Average time to recruiting for marketing executives in the US is 10 weeks and 8 weeks for sales executives (for a company with multiple locations)

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