At Viola, we’re big believers in “partnering for excellence”, which is why we continuously look for ways to provide significant added value to our portfolio companies.

One of the biggest challenges for Israeli companies is sourcing quality human capital, so for the past few months we have been working on an initiative designed to help alleviate this challenge for Viola’s portfolio companies, and we’re now proud to introduce our new careers website, Viola Careers.

The site aggregates job vacancies from Viola’s portfolio companies and directs potential candidates to our portfolio company websites where they can apply for the positions.

One of the main benefits of the site for job hunters is that instead of visiting each of our portfolio companies’ websites individually, they can search for jobs in ALL of them – all from one convenient portal.

515 positions
From 34 companies
Spread across 19 locations around the world

The jobs displayed in the site are sourced in real time from Viola’s portfolio companies.

We hope you’ll find it useful in hunting down your dream job! Be sure to spread the word among all your job-hunting friends 🙂