Growth Lending, or Venture Debt, is an investment vehicle that allows technology companies to add capital to their balance sheet and extend their cash runway while minimizing dilution for existing shareholders.

When utilized correctly, Growth Lending can provide high operational flexibility and certainty without the requirement to depend on equity markets (whether public markets or venture capital funds).

Today, due to declining tech valuations and decreasing willingness of VCs to deploy capital fast, debt can be seen as an “insurance policy” that allows companies to focus on the business, rather than fundraising, by extending their run rates an additional 6-12 months.

What do you seek in the companies that you are engaging with?
I believe Growth Lending should be complementary to equity, as equity should be the primary funding source to scale up operations.

As a sector-agnostic debt fund, we look for revenue-generating, growth-stage VC-backed companies. We aim to partner with leading companies that demonstrate clear product-market fit and strong management teams that we believe have the “secret sauce” to become leaders in their respective domains.

Why Viola Credit?
Viola Credit is not a bank. We view ourselves as a supportive financing partner. For example – one of the first questions we ask new potential partners is, “How can we help you?”

Our mission statement is to provide tailor-made solutions for technology companies that will support their financial and operational strategies.

We believe in providing companies with flexible structures that enable them to optimize their cash flow management. As such, our offering is rather broad and is comprised, among others, of term loans for working capital (cash runway), CAPEX financing, acquisition financing, and more.