As the big resignation and turnover in tech companies increases globally, we set out to discover some benchmarks and insights about the scope of the trend at Israeli tech companies.

Viola’s survey included 27 start-ups with operation in Israel, mostly B round and higher.

Here are the main insights:

The majority of companies based in Israel (81%) give 30-day notice period for non-executive roles.

Earlier-stage companies present the lowest resignation percentages among sample companies.

The percentage of executive resignations increases as the company matures.
Companies that have the highest number of resignations from R&D, Sales & Marketing and Product Departments are those with up to 50 employees as well as those with 201 to 500 employees.

84% of employee resignations happen toward the end of the calendar year (Q3+4)

82% of the employees resign because professional promotion or higher salary,

55% of employees continue to work at the same output at least for two weeks after notice

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