The second ever Israel Growth Summit (2018) took place in Tel Aviv in May, co-hosted once again by Viola and the Israel Growth Forum.

Attendees included over 150 Founders, CEOs and senior executives from Israel’s top growth-stage companies, who shared their insights on a variety of challenges including strategy-building, go-to-market, global management, scaling R&D and the path to IPO. In addition to networking, it was also an opportunity to learn not only from each other’s successes but also from one another’s mistakes.

In the following video, Sigal Gill More (CPO @ SimilarWeb and former VP HR @ NICE) moderated a panel with participants Yaron Inger (Co-founder & CTO @ Lightricks), Einat Orr (CTO @ SimilarWeb) and Ofer Karp (SVP Engineering @ Perfecto). They discussed the challenges of scaling R&D in an organization as it grows globally, including how to attract and train talent, where to base the R&D teams (Israel/abroad/both), how to manage the teams, and more. See below for a timestamp breakdown of where each speaker is featured in the video.

[NOTE: The video is in Hebrew.]

Speakers featured in this video:

Sigal Gill More (CPO, SimilarWeb, formerly VP HR at NICE):
00:17 – 02:05
13:55 – 14:57
16:29 – 17:17

Yaron Inger (Co-founder & CTO, Lightricks):
02:22 – 05:42
11:53 – 13:54

Einat Orr (CTO, SimilarWeb):
05:51 – 07:35
17:23 – 19:07

Ofer Karp (SVP Engineering, Perfecto):
07:53 – 11:36
15:04 – 16:25