This research is presented by Viola’s Business Operations team

Our 2020 Survey on Sales Compensation in Israeli SaaS Companies revealed valuable insights about both the matureness of the Israeli industry in the past two years as well as the the effects of COVID-19. We encourage the industry to use this survey as a sanity check tool for CEOs, CROs and CFOs to see where they stand vis-à-vis their peers.

Here’s a snapshot of the findings:

  • More companies shifted towards higher inside sales quota ranges (>$700k), reflecting companies’ ability to close large-sized deals remotely.
  • Field sales quotas are consolidating around ranges between $1,000k-$1,500k, which is in line with US and global benchmarks.
  • Over a third of companies are adopting a 2-3% renewal commission rate as a standard. 
  • Customer Success teams are running the renewal process in 63% of companies and are more involved in expansions.
  • Israel is still behind most of the US benchmarks in commission payment timing.
  • Surprisingly, despite COVID-19, sales cycles remained the same or even improved.

View and download the full survey below: