This research is presented by Viola’s Business Operations team

Our 2020 SDR Benchmark Survey presents a high-level overview of the Israeli tech ecosystem’s employment of Sales Development Representatives.

COVID-19 forced Israeli tech companies to rethink their marketing and sales strategies and to build an inside sales model that can scale operations out of Israel; SDRs have a crucial role to play in this model.

We believe the results can answer many questions and help companies plan ahead for 2021.

Here is a snapshot of some of the findings:

  • 95% of respondents confirmed their SDR perform both inbound AND outbound marketing (allbound)
  • 50% maintain an SDR to Sales rep ratio of between 1.5:2.5 (SDR:Rep)
  • 80% of the companies use # of meetings to define the SDR quota (60% converted/20% total meetings), while only 20% define the SDR quota using financial terms ($ value)
  • In most companies, the SDR quota is set at 5-10 converted meetings per month
  • Few respondents have indicated that they provide their SDRs with extra commission for closed won opportunities
  • >60% of companies surveyed have hired SDR team leads, who manage 3-11 SDRs