A new $250M fund for Early-Stage Investments
We’re excited to announce Viola Ventures’ sixth fund of $250M, crossing $1.25B in assets under management (AUM), dedicated solely to early-stage investments.
2021 has been a record year for the Israeli tech ecosystem. On the heels of this, we at Viola Ventures had an incredible year, with eight portfolio companies reaching unicorn status and beyond, and numerous portfolio companies going public, including Payoneer, Outbrain, ironSource (a Decacorn), and soon to go public Pagaya.
In many of these companies, Viola Ventures was the first institutional investor, and we feel fortunate to partner with such exceptional founders and to support them from day one.
This is also our mission in our new and sixth fund – to grow the next generation of market leaders.

What are we looking to invest in?

From our core verticals, in which we have had consistent success (such as fintech, vertical AI, deep tech and consumer internet), as well as in new verticals (digital health, next-gen enterprise infrastructure, SaaS 3.0, Web 3.0, and cybersecurity) we expect to generate the next cohort of global outliers.

But mostly, we invest in people.

Three years ago, we “invested” in Yael Alroy, who joined us as Principal. Today – we are proud to promote her to Partner.

Yael lives and breathes entrepreneurship and for over 10 years has displayed an extraordinary ability to identify companies and founding teams that are unequivocally headed to market leadership. Over the past year, she has led two new investments in the digital health space and joined seven of our company’s boards. As she helps these companies reach new heights, we would be remiss to not celebrate her own growth and achievements.

Now is the best time to be an early-stage entrepreneur

We truly believe this is the best time in history to lead innovation and build something new, which is why we’re so excited about this new fund.

1. We’re living in an era of transformation in which technology is ‘eating’ the world.

2. Big data & AI are enabling unimaginable innovation to spaces that weren’t touched by technology before, such as pharma, climate, finance and food.

3. New & innovative business models allow fast(er) growth than ever before.

With our new fund, we are very excited about the future, and we look forward to continuing our investment and involvement in the local Israeli ecosystem.

Viola Ventures team