9 months after COVID-19 outbreak, we set out to understand how tech companies are adjusting their HR operational model to the new normal –

• 51% plan to recruit above their goals set in early 2020

• Out of the companies who implemented furloughs, 72% brought all employees back to work

• Despite COVID-19, most companies refrained from making benefits and bonus changes in 2020

• 83% of companies that reduced wage, reinstated it to 2020 levels

• 54% of Companies will follow their original 2020 salary strategy

• COVID-19 has led to a significant reduction in voluntary termination

• And – working model is about to change (as you can see from the slides below)


Dramatic change in work model: 74% will switch to a hybrid model:


WFH has become a requirement of new candidates (53%):


Read on for a full drilldown into the survey responses below.