After mapping the Web3.0/Blockchain innovation stack we continue to double down on the sector and are proud to publish the first map of Israeli companies operating in this space.

As a reminder, when we analyzed the innovation stack we divided it into several layers: the infrastructure layer, the application layer, an “in-between” enabler layer, and a vertical application layer that includes solutions that use blockchain technology targeting a specific industry or vertical.

Currently there are around 100 Israeli startups operating in the Web3.0/blockchain space. As evident in the map below, the ecosystem is pretty diversified.

Not surprisingly, DeFi<>CeFi and Security & Compliance have a robust representation.

We note that many companies fall into several categories, so we had to pick the one we thought was the best fit. In addition, we classified companies targeting a specific vertical, such as gaming, under vertical applications, even though they may operate within a defined category, such as NFT.

(Important to note that 15-20 companies are still operating in stealth mode and are excluded of our map)

(Last updated on April 2023)


To Download the Map

See something missing from the map? Have any comments or suggestions? Doing anything interesting in space? We would love to hear from you.

Finally, as the blockchain space evolves quickly, many companies are looking for talent. If you are an engineer or a team lead in blockchain/web3 or would like to transition to this space, please email us.,