After Facebook, Google both announced that they would let their employees work from home through 2020, Twitter one-upped them, declaring that they will let employees work from home “forever”. In this new COVID-19 era, it’s not just the tech giants that need to recalibrate; companies around the world are being forced to consider how to shape their future WFH policies in this “new normal”.

As part of our ongoing effort to supply much-needed information for the Israeli ecosystem, and to identify new trends surrounding COVID-19, we have surveyed 59 HR leads and asked them how their companies are coping with this new reality.

The responses show that companies are adapting to the changes brought about as a result of COVID-19, and 77% are considering promoting a WFH policy even after the end of the health crisis:

Are you planning on promoting a WFH policy after the COVID-19 crisis?

Read on for a full drilldown into the survey responses below.