Why it’s pointless to approach potential investors with nothing more than an idea and a PowerPoint deck

The following post was written by Noya Lizor, during her tenure as Director of Content at Viola (2014-2019). As someone who works... MORE

What I learned after 3 years as a principal at a VC firm (3 tips for entrepreneurs seeking funding)

The following post was written by Amiti Ventures Partner, Maya Pizov, during her tenure as Principal at Viola Ventures (2012-2015)... MORE

5 insider-tips for nailing a startup pitch to a boardroom full of VCs

The following post was written by Promo.com VP Communications Hila Shitrit Nissim, during her tenure as VP Marketing at Viola (200... MORE

A founder, a VC and a Private Equity investor walk into a bar…

OK, so the odds of that happening ‘for real’ may be slim*, but that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t each have a gripping s... MORE

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