Eran Westman

Eran Westman

General Partner at Viola Growth

Eran joined Viola Growth in July 2018. Having spent more than 20 years as a technology executive, he has vast experience in business leadership, and developing and executing strategies in challenging markets. 

Eran serves on the boards of  Applicaster, Juganu, Bizzabo, Bringg, Trigo and MDclone

He has a demonstrated track record of building and integrating strong teams, managing large M&A deals, and leading companies to growth.


Eran was appointed CEO & President of Vidyo after serving as the company’s Chief Revenue Officer. Eran initiated and personally led Vidyo’s financial services focus and closed 7 of the top 25 largest banks in the world transforming customer engagement in banking. He also expanded the company’s focus in healthcare securing a premium customer roster including over 2500 hospitals, doubling revenue in this sector.

Prior to Vidyo, Eran served as EVP of Global Business, President of Asia Pacific and VP of EMEA at Ceragon Networks, the largest independent supplier of wireless backhaul systems. He joined Ceragon as one of the first 15 employees when the company was pre-revenue and built a global organization of over 800 people across Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. Eran built the sales, marketing, finance and HR teams and led the global GTM strategy, generating over $450M in revenue.

Eran has a Bachelor of Law degree from Bar Ilan University


Eran’s 3 children were each born in a different country (Israel, Singapore and the US).

He’s into all kinds of sports, some ‘solo’ sports like running (he ran the NYC half marathon a couple of years ago), and some which he enjoys with his family, like skiing and golf.

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