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Noya Lizor

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Noya is a marketer, writer and content creative with a career that’s spanned over 20 years in advertising, publishing, sales and marketing. She has vast experience in a variety of online marketing disciplines including email marketing, customer retention, branding and content strategy.

Noya was Director of Content at Viola from 2014-2019, where she was responsible for the group’s content marketing activities, including creating and managing the group’s corporate blog, Viola Notes. During her tenure at Viola she led a wide variety of content initiatives both for the group and its portfolio companies.

She holds a B.A. Communications from the University of Technology, Sydney.


Noya spent 11 years in Israel (2008-2019), working in the Startup Nation’s vibrant tech ecosystem, both on the startup side in a variety of senior marketing roles, and the investment side, here at Viola, Israel’s leading technology-focused investment group with over $3 billion assets under management.

Before moving to Israel in 2008, Noya worked at McCann Worldgroup in Sydney, where in addition to being a copywriter she also managed the agency’s email marketing department, namely for their largest client at the time, Microsoft Australia. It’s in this capacity that she fell in love with Email Marketing and remains a passionate advocate for it to this day.


Noya was also responsible for launching Viola’s YouTube channel. Here’s a small taste of some of the videos she produced:

Viola’s 2018 Highlights

Viola Careers promo

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