ParallelM provides the fastest and safest path to AI value realization by automating the deployment, orchestration, and management of Machine Learning (ML) in Production, while pioneering the new discipline of ML Ops - Machine Learning Operations Management. Our solutions reduce the time and resources required to deploy and manage ML pipelines in production while at the same time ensuring that they scale and work properly. ParallelM automates the ongoing cycle of operationalization of Machine Learning Applications, while complementing and integrating with existing ML development platforms and analytic engines.


Founded by Sivan Metzger (CEO, pictured), Ehud Weinstein (Chairman), Ofir Shalvi (Board Member), Nisha Talagala (CTO), Ofer Bar-Or (COO) and Lior Khermosh (Chief Scientist).


Exit: The company was acquired by Datarobot in June 2019

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