Employees use on average only 72% of their Paid Time Off each year, resulting in $224 Billion in annual carry over liabilities for their companies. Sorbet is a disruptive financial solution which provides full financial flexibility to liquidate illiquid accrued time off balances.
By syncing with calendars, HRIS and payroll systems, the company identify habits and time management patterns and proactively suggest pre-approved “Micro Breaks” and Vacations which fit the employees personal preferences, which allows to increase Time Off usage by an average of +15%.
Instead of receiving the value of these days only upon termination, Sorbet offers to “buy” this debt from the employee, similarly to an invoice factoring solution, empowered them to choose the portion of accrued balance they would like to receive immediately, while the employer gains full control and financial flexibility to renegotiate and refinance the liability. Cashed out days are loaded on our pre-paid card which can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

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