'Software as a Service'

Everything as a Service (EaaS): Why eventually we might not need to “own” anything

Amit Ashkenazi is VP Business Strategy at Fiverr, and also formerly a Partner at Viola Growth. This post was written during his te... MORE

5 KPIs to nail in 2016 to make it “The Year of Efficiency” for SaaS

It's budget season and many companies are in the process of setting their goals for 2016. Whether a "correction" in the market wil... MORE

What does it take for a startup to become a successful Consumer SaaS?

Alon Weinberg is a Director at Dell Technologies Capital and was also formerly a Principal at Viola Ventures. This post was writte... MORE

What lies ahead for SaaS IT Management companies?

As with many other verticals, IT management and core business applications are also quickly moving from the old on-premise licensi... MORE

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