Dor Cohen

Dor Cohen

Data & ML Engineer at Viola Creadit

Dor joined Viola Credit in 2022. Dor is responsible for developing and maintaining the funds internal systems, which analyze and monitor transaction performances throughout the investment lifecycle, including developing algorithms and predictions regarding investments.

Prior to Viola Credit, Dor served in Unit 8200 in the Intelligence Corps. He then received his BSc. in Data Science & Engineering from Ben-Gurion University, and worked for a Cybersecurity company as a Data Engineer. 


Throughout his life, Dor has been a member of and volunteered with several organizations: the Diller Teen Fellows program, the Jewish Agency, and a gap year at Garin Tzamarat on behalf of the Israeli Zionist Council..

Dor participated in the national Bible quiz on behalf of the Bereshit organization.

One of Dor’s favorite hobbies  is playing  the ‘Settlers of Catan’.

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