Ido Degani

Ido Degani

Deal Flow Analyst at Viola Credit

Ido’s primarily supports the investment team by identifying high-caliber investment opportunities. He spends a significant portion of his time examining the deal flow pipeline, meticulously assessing each potential investment and expanding the fund’s database, to provide  the essential insights that help propel the fund towards consistent growth.


Prior to joining Viola Credit, Ido served as a Financial Analyst at a leading wealth management firm. There, he gained substantial industry experience and sharpened his expertise in financial analysis.

Ido graduated from Reichman University with a Bachelors degree (Honors) in Business and Data Analytics, where he developed a deep understanding of business dynamics and strong analytical capabilities.

At Reichman University, Ido co-founded the Fintech Leaders Club. As its president, developed this initiative an educational powerhouse, equipping students with a profound understanding of FinTech, building their network, and setting them up for success in the FinTech industry. /p>

Ido also co-established the Reichman University Wealth Management Club. This venture offers dedicated students a unique opportunity to delve into wealth management and investments, while guided by industry experts and CEOs. This endeavor continues to pave the way for the next generation of leaders in the financial industry.

Ido’s commitment to community engagement led him to volunteer at SpaceIL where taught primary school students about space science and exploration.


Ido is a passionate NBA fan. His love for the game mirrors his belief in teamwork, strategy, and resilience.

“Create opportunities, don’t wait for them.” This mantra encourages proactive thinking and initiative taking  to create opportunities for oneself, rather than waiting for them to appear.

Ido’s often spends his free time playing soccer or watching basketball.

Ido has a humorous side as well. He often says: “Life is like a basketball game. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, and that applies to pizza slices too!” He loves good slice of pizza!

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