Maayan Swary

Maayan Swary

Principal at Viola FinTech

Maayan joined Viola FinTech as Principal in March 2019 and is responsible for expanding and driving the fund’s business development.

Maayan focuses on growing and nurturing the fund’s relationship ecosystem with both local and international VCs, companies, financial institutions, and LPs, while continuously sourcing and lining up investment opportunities to find the future winners of FinTech.

Prior to joining Viola FinTech, she was based in Hong Kong for seven years working as an investment banker, focusing on originating, structuring, and executing both on-shore and cross-border equity transactions.


During her time in Hong Kong, Maayan served as Director, Capital Markets at MCM Partners – a boutique global merchant bank – where she led liquidity facilitating transactions for significant Chinese and US privately held companies. At MCM, Maayan identified and engaged with the top players in targeted industries, and acted as a special advisor on private market investment opportunities to the firm’s global client base.


Maayan is a professionally trained classical ballet dancer. “My entire childhood and early adult life were fully dedicated and devoted to ballet. I invested everything I had into the art and admired those who master it (still do…). The education, discipline, and depth that ballet has left in me, leads me to this day.

She grew up everywhere! “I was born and lived in Rome, then Washington DC, Hanoi, Jerusalem, and Hong Kong. I come from a long family legacy of civil servants and diplomats; my great grandfather, Eliyahu Sasson, was Ben Gurion’s personal special intelligence agent at the Jewish Agency, and amongst many of his Zionist activities, he was also a member of Israel’s delegation to the UN during the state’s establishment. Zionism is deeply rooted in our family.”

Drive inspires her more than anything. “Encountering a purely authentic driven individual doesn’t happen often, so when it does, I try to learn as much as I possibly can and use it to refuel my engines for the next challenge…”

Her favorite mantra is “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”. Mike Tyson was obviously referring to boxing when he said it, but its application stretches far beyond. It’s about endurance. People tend to feel confident and prepared on paper, but in real time, how you deal and react to adversity defines you, not the adversity itself.

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